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How Hospitality Trends in 2020 Will Impact Internal Communications for Hotels

How Hospitality Trends in 2020 Will Impact Internal Communications for Hotels
Corey McCarthy
Corey McCarthy, VP of Marketing
3 min read

Unlike many industries struggling to adapt to changing technologies, hotels have experienced significant business growth within the past decade. Our eBook, “Hospitality Trends for 2020,” explains the key factors in such economy-proof occupancy increases in the hospitality industry and why improving internal communications is an essential part of your digital strategy.

There’s never been a better time for hotels to embrace digital internal hospitality trends 2020 in hospitality corporate culture and marketing.

Three of the main reasons for major expansion in the hospitality industry are:

  1. Shifts in consumer behavior from material-driven purchases to experience-based ones
  2. The proliferation of highly visual and viral word-of-mouth social marketing
  3. Adoption of technology by the hospitality industry

The Experience Economy and Why it Matters to Hospitality

The reasons for growth in the hospitality industry are more than travelers booking hotels for a temporary escape from reality. The average hotels are reaching profitability at 55% occupancy, and the US has hit a national average of 65%.

Millennials and their neighboring generations continue to demonstrate that they value experiences over purchasing a house and put down roots. This cultural and economic phenomenon is referred to as the experience economy.

Hospitality experience economy table for hotels

Shift Towards Digital Internal Communications for Hotels

In 2020, hoteliers should prepare for a strategy shift when it comes to hospitality internal communications. This year we will begin to see how mobile, real-time team communication apps positively impact company culture, team morale, and guest experience simultaneously.

The use of pulse surveys and confirmation campaigns will be especially important internal communications tools for hotels to utilize for employee connection, real-time updates, and gathering hotel employee feedback.

Apple iPhone Kitchen talk communication stream Beekeeper team app

Executive Staff Adoption of Digital Marketing Trends

The rise of social media has transformed technology and business leaders into celebrities in their own right. Having a visible and empathetic hospitality leadership team will continue to hold strategic importance for the hospitality industry in 2020.

With millennials as a lucrative target demographic, the hospitality industry is working hard to cater to them. Expect to see a continued interest in 'bleisure,' also known as business travel mixed with leisurely travel.

Strategic social spend will factor in to this cultivation strategy and reflect digital marketing trends for the hospitality industry in 2020. Allocating resources to explore the current roster of popular social apps allows hotels to constantly put their best creative foot forward while building hotels’ public persona and key verticals.

Increased Emphasis on Employee Engagement by HR

From wellness programs, employee engagement initiatives, payroll and scheduling, we’ll continue to see an uptick in employee engagement strategies in hospitality HR. The reason for this trend is obvious: when basic HR operations are digitally integrated, hospitality employees can spend less time focusing on personal logistics and more time on hotel guests.

Ensuring GDPR Compliance with Hospitality Internal Communications

With the increase of mobile devices in the workplace, and the requirement that hotels maintain GDPR compliance, BYOD policies will need to reflect these GDPR compliance requirements. This will be particularly important for the hospitality industry’s dispersed workforce, who will increasingly rely on internal communications via a mobile team app.

Beekeeper is a one-stop solution that meets GDPR compliance hotels can count on, helping your hospitality business stay on top of trends in 2020 and beyond.

Discover more trends in the hospitality industry for hotels in 2020 by downloading the full eBook.