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3 Digital Workplace Trends That Will Dominate Non-Desk Industries in 2020

3 Digital Workplace Trends That Will Dominate Non-Desk Industries in 2020
Alexandra Zamolo
Alexandra Zamolo, Head of Content Marketing
4 min read

If 2019 became the year frontline workers achieved next-level workplace engagement through mobile technology then 2020 will be the year that frontline industries witness the positive ripple effect that digital workplace investments can have on both employees and customers.

Here are three ways we predict that digital workplace technology will continue to transform the non-desk workforce in the coming year.

Personalization Through Chatbots and Workflow Automations

For frontline workers who spend their days talking with customers or doing physical labor, the use of chatbots and workflow automation can help create more personalized, 1:1 communication, without creating extra work for managers or HR. 

Workflow automations and chatbots will allow HR and Internal Communication departments to create a more personalized, tailored digital workplace experience for their team. This increasing level of personalization will help boost employee engagement within the digital workplace, and help build up frontline worker investment within the company. 

Hands-Free Communication Will Become Essential

Frontline workers have very different communication needs than their desk-bound counterparts. They're constantly on the move. Their hands are always busy, and many times their jobs may prohibit texting while they're out on the floor. 

For these workers, taking time to painstakingly type out chat messages to their colleagues just isn't always practical. For these reasons, digital workplaces designed for frontline workers will need an alternative way for them to communicate that doesn't involve manual texting. 

That's why voice messaging like features are popping up left and right in workplace software designed for the frontlines. Because they need a communication solution that's fast, easy, and most importantly — hands free. 

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Voice Messaging

Platform Extensibility and Robust Ecosystem

In 2020, platform extensibility will be a must-have capability of any digital workplace for non-desk workers. 

What exactly does that mean? The term "platform extensibility" refers to the ability to easily extend a software platform without having to modify its original code base. Extensions can happen by either being able to add new features, or modifying existing features easily, without disturbing the original codebase. 

The ability to add on new features or build custom integrations through APIs will allow business leaders to better customize their digital workplaces to meet the needs of frontline workers. 

For example, if a large portion of your workforce does not speak the primary language that's spoken within the company, add on features like inline translation are a great way to make sure your digital workplace is inclusive and easy to use for everyone. 

Here are some additional examples of features that will benefit frontline employees. 

A robust ecosystem is another important element when looking to create a customized digital workplace for your team. Having the ability to integrate different tools and softwares your team uses is critical. 

Platforms like Beekeeper allow users to completely customize their digital workplace by adding on features, building their own integrations, creating workflow automations through Zapier, and integrating Beekeeper with their other workplace apps in our Marketplace

Beekeeper Ecosystem

Frontline industries tend to have a million moving parts happening at several different tiers within the organization. That's why it will become increasingly important for digital workplace software to offer chatbots, hands-free messaging options, and the ability to completely customize the platform to meet their needs. 

Download our “Digitization of the Non-Desk Workforce” white paper to learn more about how to empower your frontline workforce with cutting edge communication tools.