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3 Enterprise Trends at CeBIT that Will Get Under Your Skin

3 Enterprise Trends at CeBIT that Will Get Under Your Skin
Maria Barikhina
Maria Barikhina, Chief Happiness Officer
4 min read
CeBIT is a heaven for enterprise innovators - if you want to see the future of an average company in 5 years this expo is the place to come for it. And in this post we prepared our view of the key trends at CeBIT that define the nearest future of enterprises.

Industry 4.0

It’s coming and it’s not just a buzz word. The concept refers to the new wave of industrial revolution based on the concept of cyber-physical systems, that is a profound interaction of the real and virtual worlds which becomes the core of the manufacturing process. “Industry 4.0” is the project of The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to empower the German industry to be ready for the future of production. The concept draws together cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things. Source: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Even though the Ministry says this project is still at the research stage at CebIT you could see that many companies are really pushing it forward by developing innovative solutions. Controlling of complex traffic systems, a smart streetlamp, a GPS-controlled farm machinery and much more - this is just the tip of the iceberg of disrupting technologies in the area. And we see a lot of potential for the tools like Beekeeper that help you connect everyone in an organization and automate communication, this is inevitable part of the process of production digitization, to connect machines and people you should first connect people with each other. On the photo: Andreas Slotosch, VP Marketing & Partner, Beekeeper, presenting the internal communication tool for enterprises to the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel


The drones industry is also growing super fast - at Cebit there was a huge pavilion dedicated to drones only. They've had a lot a of demos, shows and even races there. But apart from the fun part and obvious interest among techy B2C audience there’s a lot of potential for drones in the B2B area. Drones become faster, the can fly further and resolution of the transmitted information is getting higher and higher. Drones could be used a lot in manufacturing for trouble shooting and damage diagnostics (eg. pipes). Of course more governmental regulations for this industry are yet to come, but even now you can see a lot of benefits from the usage of these technologies in manufacturing.

Sentiment analysis

Another next big thing for both marketing and internal communication is the automated analysis of people's attitude. A quantitative content analysis is something we got used to and no one will be surprised or impressed by a simple count of words. But understanding of human's emotions and further behaviour prediction based on that is definitely something to watch out for. Big players like SAP and IBM alongside with other tech companies developed their solutions for sentiment analysis. And the best part is that you can use the data you receive to plan and target your further actions. Imagine, you can send different marketing messages to the people with different attitude towards your brand or employees with different levels of engagement. And just a side note on why else CeBIT is so special. The main difference of CeBIT from the other expos we've been to is that there are much more cars, robots and drones around you, you're surrounded by cool and big machines, everything is super visual. Here are some photos.

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