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3 Future Workplace Trends

3 Future Workplace Trends
Cristian Grossmann
Cristian Grossmann, CEO and Co-Founder, Beekeeper
3 min read

Two weeks ago I initiated a three-part series to share key insights from a chapter we authored in the German book, Arbeitskultur 2020“ (Springer, 2014). Last week’s topic was: “How can social media strengthen your corporate culture?.” Today I’ll focus on a different question, namely: What are three of the most exciting workplace trends of the future?

1. Artificial Intelligence

We are about to enter an area of intense automation in the knowledge sector. According to a study by Oxford1, 47% of today’s jobs could be automated away over the next 20 years. Early signs can be seen in the hotel industry where the SaviOne robotic butler can take over the currently human task of delivering snacks and amenities to the guests’ hotel rooms.

Or in the legal profession where computerization of routine research has slashed the number of new associates law firms need to hire. On the upside, Artificial Intelligence will free up human talent for more interesting, creative work.

2. No More Office Cubicles

In a mobile working world, employees bring their own devices to work and pick the work setting that supports the type of work they are about to do for the day. The use of fixed desks will continue to decrease. Instead more collaborative, open office spaces will emerge, similar to many co-working locations.

With an increase in flexibility and opportunities to work from anywhere, large corporations will also move toward creating campus-like office buildings, like Google Headquarters in Mountain View, USA2 with amenities and events that draw people in.

3. Communication in an After-email World

We'll still be using an inbox ten years from now, but it will look very different than today's antiquated email experience, which is cumbersome and restrictive. We’ll see more mobile real-time messaging taking over the workplace, especially in companies that employ large numbers of mobile workers.

As all levels of the workforce become more digitally connected, the future workplace will rely ever more on digital communication channels, regardless of whether you’re a construction worker “out in the field” or the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) of a multi-billion corporate in the banking industry.

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