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3 Reasons Why Traditional Desktop Tools Don’t Work For Blue Collar Workers in 2018

3 Reasons Why Traditional Desktop Tools Don’t Work For Blue Collar Workers in 2018
Cristian Grossmann
Cristian Grossmann, CEO and Co-Founder, Beekeeper
3 min read
Startups or companies focused on creating employee-based solutions often default to the white-collar office worker at the expense of blue collar or field workers. White collar workers are traditionally thought of as sitting in a cubicle in front of their computer for most of the day, so why not cater to their needs? The truth is technology has become just as essential in blue-collar industries, yet there is still a lack of understanding about what tools these blue collar workers need to best do their jobs. Here are three reasons why the same old “desktop” thinking doesn’t work for blue collar workers.

1. Email Isn’t King

The vast majority of white-collar employees communicate via email. Unlike their office-bound counterparts, not all blue-collar workers even have a corporate email address. This is why an email address isn’t necessary to sign into Beekeeper and we’ve made onboarding as easy as possible with QR codes. Many blue-collar workers are more comfortable with text messages or phone calls rather than being bombarded with email chains all day.

2. Always On the Move

Blue-collar workers are usually on their feet when working and rarely not using their hands. Traditional desktop software simply hasn’t been made with the blue-collar employee in mind. Any tool blue collar employees use for work must be created with their work life in mind. This means speed, ease of use, and reliability are paramount to successful blue collar worker adoption. Employers shouldn’t expect their blue-collar workers to suffer through a steep learning curve or constantly have to check in with the digital tools they implement.

3. Connecting the Unconnected

Fostering a sense of culture and community in an office is much easier than across different non-desk job sites. Blue collar workers traditionally were only able to communicate with co-workers at their site, but with new employee communication apps, companies like FRHI have been able to connect hotel staff across 125 hotels seamlessly using mobile. From construction to manufacturing and hospitality, blue collar workers need flexible, intuitive digital tools that meet their unique needs. The truth is blue collar workers are much more tech-savvy than previously thought. But because of their unique responsibilities and work environments, porting traditional desktop tools for their use just doesn’t work. Early on, Beekeeper partnered with companies that employ large numbers of blue-collar workers to create the best communication tool possible and meet the unique needs of non-desk workers. For blue-collar employers that know how important communication is with their employees, it’s time to start using solutions that speak directly to them.

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