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Gamification for Employee Engagement Techniques For Non-Office Employees

Gamification for Employee Engagement Techniques For Non-Office Employees
Andreas Slotosch
Andreas Slotosch, Chief Growth Officer
4 min read

Keeping your field workers engaged is a difficult initiative to implement and execute without gamification for employee engagement. There’s no office to have meetings and without proactive communication field workers often feel out of the loop from what is going on at headquarters.

However, new digital tools and the growing acceptance of gamification in the workplace, there are new opportunities to effectively engage field workers. In fact, the Gartner Group is projecting that 50 percent of corporate innovation would be “gamified” by the end of 2015. Tony Ventrice, senior games designer at enterprise gamification platform Badgeville, says of gamifying employee engagement: "Employees need to feel included, as if they are part of a team. Team-based goals and competitions help build a sense of collaboration and cooperation. Teams can be based on function or location, with the key goal being inclusion in striving towards a common objective."

With that in mind, here are five great ways you can use gamification to keep you field workers engaged at work.

1. Gamification Engagement: Training with Levels and Rewards to Increase Learning, Engagement, and Outcomes

Ford Motor Company added gamification engagement to its learning portals to help sales and service teams become experts on their new car models, technology, and financing plans.

This new gamified learning portal produced a 417 percent increase in worker use. In particular, they found their younger audience responded strongly to the new strategy which resulted in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

2. Gamification Techniques: Incentivize Behaviors by Recognizing Them with Status Achievements

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most difficult things to get employees in the field to follow through with, given that 50 percent of implementations fail. Salesforce knows this all too well and used gamification techniques to increase CRM compliance by over 40 percent. Their game was called “Big Game Hunter”, where employees started out as “Chicken Hunters” and worked their way up to a bigger game.

3. Create “Mini-Games” to Train Workers Faster, with Lower Costs for Employee Gamification

Delta Airlines implemented a project called ‘Ready, Set, Jet’where customer service workers completed mini-games that enabled employees to complete four years of training on just one year.

This save Delta a tremendous amount of time and money in training workers with employee gamification, where their previous training took as long as getting a university degree.

4. Gamify Worker Performance to Enable Real-Time Feedback and Adaptive Learning

Target has begun to gamify the checkout process in their retail stores. They now measure transaction speeds and customer checkout accuracy while calculating their workers success rates over time.

Cashiers at retail stores are often out on their own island and rarely get feedback from managers unless there’s a major issue. But with Target’s gamified system, cashiers get real time feedback with red and green lights that blink to show if items are scanned optimally. Before gamifying the checkout process, Target cashiers had little idea how effective they were. Now they get instant feedback on every item.

Gamification is providing many new opportunities for companies with field workers to dramatically lower the learning curve and increase performance. The proof lies in the fact that gamification is becoming its own massive industry that is expected to grow to $2.8 billion by 2016. The keys to these techniques is providing clear goals, meaningful rewards, and most importantly make sure the incentives are fair for workers. By doing this, companies can unlock new levels of productivity that previously seemed out of reach.

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