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5 Ways Mobile Collaboration Increases Employee Productivity
5 Ways Mobile Collaboration Increases Employee Productivity
Mobile collaboration software gives an entire company a huge boost. Given the advent and success of digital culture, companies should assess how they can implement mobile collaboration to get the most out of their frontline employees, as well as the rest of the company. With mobile solutions, such as a mobile collaboration app like Beekeeper, companies can streamline their internal and crisis communication processes and improve employee productivity in five core ways. Before you dig in, get a free demo to learn why Beekeeper is the team app to help improve internal communications and employee engagement.

1. Frontline Employees Can Communicate Faster

The most obvious benefit of mobile collaboration is that mobile communication allows frontline employees to talk to each other faster. Having geographically dispersed teams doesn’t have to be a barrier. Digital communications with the best mobile collaboration functionality increases frontline employee productivity by offering a more robust and mobile solution to manage schedules, plan a meeting, start a group message to ask a question, and to stay connected. Group messaging empowers employees to work collaboratively with faster, streamlined workflows, which increases your team’s productivity as a result. One particularly important messaging application is for crisis communications. With Beekeeper’s crisis communication features, breaking news and updates on extreme weather events or safety alerts can be distributed immediately company-wide or directly to team members in affected regions or locations.

2. Mobile Solutions Help Managers Get Updates Sooner

Mobile solutions mean that managers get more detailed updates from frontline employees quicker than they would if they weren’t using mobile communication. Managers can offer course correction suggestions instantly and improve employee productivity when it may be directed at the wrong task. Additionally, implementing performance evaluations and feedback on a faster timetable makes the entire company more efficient, avoiding long waiting periods and bottlenecks.

3. Create More Cohesive Teams with Mobile Collaboration

With mobile collaboration, teams don’t need to worry about transportation hurdles, inclement weather, or other issues getting in the way of productivity. Mobile collaboration allows team members to stay in constant mobile communication without losing efficiency, even when working remotely. Everyone on the team can check on their team’s priorities on-the-go and adjust their plans accordingly. Likewise, everyone can see reports from their co-workers in the field, assess what still needs to be done, and delegate remaining tasks.

4. Improve Employee Productivity

Mobile collaboration lets employees coordinate solutions to problems more quickly, and provides flexibility to share files, ideas, and tasks on-the-go. Every time there’s an issue or change, employees can come together independently using their mobile collaboration app to tackle it without the need for an in-person meeting or lengthy discussions. With mobile communication, problem-solving is more efficient and improves the entire company’s operations, especially frontline employee productivity.

5. Mobile Communication Increases Employee Satisfaction

Mobile collaboration increases employee satisfaction because employees respond well to more streamlined workflows that eliminate tedious tasks and improve the team’s productivity. Mobile collaboration removes common team communication blockers, such as working different shifts or working in different time zones, which makes the overall employee experience better and more seamless. Best of all, team members can communicate and collaborate with an employee app across commonly used devices, whether using mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or desktop computers. Beekeeper team communication app devices

Mobile Collaboration Is The Future

With an increasing number of companies deploying mobile solutions to improve their mobile communication capabilities, employees whose companies embrace the digital future and commit to technological agility are the ones who will reap the largest benefits. A mobile collaboration app like Beekeeper is a prime example of an agile, digitally-focused technology. Many daily team communications and operations such as payroll, schedule management, and important company updates are more easily distributed, consumed, and accessible with mobile collaboration apps. Managers and frontline employees alike will enjoy the flexibility real-time mobile communication provides. The Beekeeper mobile collaboration app has features such as group messaging, posting, and commenting functionalities that foster employee connection and improve employee productivity by centralizing team communications.

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