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Your Guide to Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

5 Ways to Improve Hotel Internal Communications

5 Ways to Improve Hotel Internal Communications
Cristian Grossmann
Cristian Grossmann, CEO and Co-Founder, Beekeeper
4 min read
In the hotel industry, success is driven by happy, loyal guests. To drive loyalty through guest satisfaction, staff must go above and beyond customer expectations. Without exemplary internal communication among hotel staff, providing guests with consistently excellent experiences is next to impossible.

Every day, guest requests get lost in the shuffle, announcements go unheard, and hotel lobbies are chaotic without proper communication channels. As a hotelier, the last thing you want is to have clumsy operations because your team doesn’t have the tools to communicate well. Poor communication can cause mistrust and inconvenience with your guests.

To avoid problems like these, here are five ways to improve internal communications in your hotel to keep operations running smoothly and ensure every guest has a positive, memorable experience.

1. Establish a digital employee portal

Employees must have access to all the information they need to perform their jobs at the highest level. Unfortunately, the process for finding relevant information isn’t always clearly defined or accessible, especially to non-desk employees, many of whom don’t have corporate email addresses.

Hotels can combat information-sharing barriers by establishing an employee portal for all types of resources including: incoming VIP guests, best practices, onboarding initiatives, health and safety instructions, maintenance announcements, etc. Access must be available for employees to find information at a moment’s notice from any location for any guest. Watch how Grand Hyatt Doha, a 5-star resort with 564 employees, accomplishes this feat.

2. Increase transparency around hotel communications

Sharing sales figures, company goals, and reasons for management decisions can go a long way in balancing control and trust with your hotel staff. Including staff members in open conversations and communicating goals along with reasoning helps provide a sense of belonging and encourages engagement across the whole company. According to a Globoforce survey, an astounding 88% of employees who know their company’s transparent corporate values report increased engagement.

3. Hold frequent employee training workshops

Many managers think employee training is a once-a-year affair. However, regular workshops and staff meetings help reinforce best practices, ensure compliance, and address new issues while giving employees the microphone to voice their concerns and feel heard by management. These workshops don’t have to be in person. Workshops and automated sequences can help you improve employees’ understanding of the hotel, as well as the team’s needs.

4. Develop and implement a clear BYOD policy for your workforce

With so many smartphone options and technological advances rendering them irrelevant every few years, it behooves employers to allow employees to use their own mobile devices. Regardless of the operating system, employees would have access to the platforms your hotel uses and be more comfortable doing so since they’re familiar with their own devices. While some employers think this may result in legal issues or lessened productivity, if you create a BYOD policy, you can actually help the entire company move forward faster.

5. Adopt an enterprise-grade mobile messaging platform

Employee communication tools enable flexible, secure, and effective messaging between hotel staff and management. This allows for important announcements to be segmented and sent to the right group of employees at the right time, all while facilitating engagement in the day-to-day happenings of your hotel and its guests.

With enterprise messaging platforms, you can reach out to any employee group via private messages or push notifications. This provides flexibility that other single-use internal communications platforms can’t provide. These simple-to-use, yet robust platforms let your employees be more engaged with other departments and create an innovative culture by giving everyone a voice.

We know seamless internal communication can mean a world of difference for any business, especially those looking to provide excellent customer service. Managers should treat internal communication as a profit center rather than an expense. By continually investing to make it more effective, engaging, and inclusive, it will provide compelling ROI in both employee retention and the bottom line.

To start transforming your guest experience through better team communication, download our white paper, "Improve Internal Communications in Your Hotel With a Digital Workplace Platform."