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Your Guide to Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

How to Improve Internal Communications for Your Team

How to Improve Internal Communications for Your Team
Andreas Slotosch
Andreas Slotosch, Chief Growth Officer
3 min read
Effective internal Communications make for better and happier employees – employees who care about their job and their company. But it isn’t always easy to improve communication! If you don't have a great team communication app like Beekeeper, effective team communication can be difficult. With smart communications in mind as a priority, here are some ways you should definitely avoid communicating with your employees:

1. Make the conversation one-sided

Never allowing your employee to openly communicate with their superiors is a terrible idea. Communication only works when it goes both ways. Employees need to be able to communicate with everyone they work with, whether through in-person meetings or mobile technology.

2. Use “Trickle Down” communication

When communication trickles down from the C-suite through middle managers down to employees, there are always problems. It can often be like children playing the telephone game. The message gets messed up somewhere along the way – or worse, it doesn’t get delivered at all. Use direct communication as much as possible.

3. Use Only Outdated Communication Methods

People don’t read paper memos anymore. They also tend to ignore paper newsletters and signs posted in the break room. With 72% of employees already using mobile devices, it’s not wise for companies to rely on traditional communication methods.

4. Only Use One Kind of Communication

Only communicating via one channel (like email) ensures that some employees will never see your message. In today’s world, it is vital to utilize as many methods as possible. That’s why mobile technology is so great – it offers more than one way to communicate with your employees. You can repeat the same message across multiple channels, which increases the odds of employees actually retaining the information.

5. Never Repeat Your Message

Never repeating your message is a surefire way to make sure your message is never heard. Within one hour of hearing a message, people will forget about 50% of what they were told. Within 24 hours that jumps up to 75%, and within a week people will have forgotten 90% of what they were told. That’s why it is crucial to repeat important messages.

6. Over share

Employees appreciate staying in the loop, but they don’t need to know everything that goes on and any given moment. Too much information can lead to information overload. Employees can only process so much at a time. Make sure you aren’t over delivering information.

7. Delay Communication

While over sharing information is a bad thing, failing to communicate important information in a timely manner is just as harmful. Employees should never find out critical company information from a third party. Avoid gossip and speculation by addressing potential problems or company-altering news by delivering information on time. Are you guilty of one of these seven internal communication mistakes? It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes. But now that you know better, it’s time to learn from the mistake and move forward. Your employees will thank you!

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