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How to Increase Employee Engagement and Improve Retention

Employee engagement is one of the most important metrics that businesses can track. Employee engagement determines employee retention, which can contribute or detract significantly from the bottom line because hiring is expensive and new employees aren’t as productive as more experienced employees. Companies that are wondering how to improve retention need to develop and sustain […]

Beekeeper’s Internal Communications App Ranked #59 on Prestigious SaaS 1000 List

We’re excited to announce that our internal communications app, Beekeeper, is officially listed on SaaS 1000, a prestigious index of SaaS companies algorithmically ranked by a number of growth indicators such as hiring trends and team expansion rates. Lead411 founder Tom Blue began compiling the SaaS 1000 list as a way for him to index […]

How Chatbots Simplify Internal Communication for Your Workforce

Many of the most essential aspects of workforce management are also the most time-consuming. From staff trainings to company policy distribution, internal communications—and ensuring they reach your entire workforce—occupy a substantial portion of any company’s HR or IT departments bandwidth. Endlessly customizable, chatbots are an effective asset to your internal communication strategy by enabling your […]

How 5G Will Transform Digital Workforce Management

With over 100,000 attendees from 200 countries, the predominant theme of this year’s Mobile World Congress was unquestionably the upcoming impact of 5G technology on digital workforce management. The fifth generation of internet connectivity promises to deliver more speed for faster data transmission, better response time, and to increase device connectivity. As the world’s leading […]

Domino’s Pizza Improves Team Communication with Beekeeper

As a global company with over 14,000 stores, Domino’s Pizza realized they needed a better, cross-operational workforce management solution to address major team communication hurdles and to streamline operations company-wide. One of the primary goals was to virtually connect locations to reduce considerable time delays when it came to distribution of crucial information to employees, […]

Replace Walkie-Talkies with a Team Communication App

Whether you started out with walkie-talkies decades ago or have recently integrated them into business operations, you likely have multiple complaints about the one-function devices. You already know mobile communication is essential for frontline employees’ daily activities, but do walkie-talkies really count as a mobile solution? Technology today has so much more to offer than […]

How to Build an Effective Internal Communication Strategy

Building an effective internal communication strategy starts with understanding how to efficiently distribute important information to those in your workplace who depend on it. This simultaneously provides an opportunity to cultivate, and better support, employee engagement across your workforce. There are many components to crafting your internal communication strategy which we cover in our latest […]

Employee Engagement Q&A With Jill Christensen

Author, speaker, and employee engagement expert Jill Christensen responds to questions from our Bee School webinar, “If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement.” In this session, she reveals how employee engagement drives business success. She also provides a thorough action plan to start the conversation about how better internal communication workforce solutions […]