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Beekeeper Announces Gustaf Integration for Virtual Shift Management

Beekeeper Announces Gustaf Integration for Virtual Shift Management
Lisa Starita
Lisa Starita, Head of Product Marketing
4 min read

Beekeeper, the 2018 TechOvation award-winning team communication app, is excited to announce our latest application integration with Gustaf, an intelligent shift management solution by When Labs. Leveraging the best in AI technology, Gustaf revolutionizes staff management, acting as a virtual assistant to HR and shift managers.

Gustaf handles all aspects of virtual shift management, contacting staff on behalf of managers to find coverage for open work shifts in real-time, all while ensuring consistency and compliance in both union and non-union environments. This matters especially when it comes to staff management because different properties under the same company brand could have distinct shift rules based on their location, union affiliation, and other case-by-case factors.

Gustaf App Transforms Staff Management

Gustaf addresses a major issue affecting staff management in every industry today: absenteeism. The Gustaf application integration alleviates the following most common, and costly, staff management pain points related to call-outs:

How the Gustaf Application Integration with Beekeeper Works

One of the key transformative aspects of the Gustaf application integration is that the full lifecycle of shift coverage decisions are completely managed, and all from within Beekeeper’s team communication app. If an employee cannot work a scheduled shift, they simply message the Gustaf chatbot in Beekeeper. The system understands variations of language – such as “Drop,” or “I can’t work my shift”– making this communication even easier. Gustaf then reviews workforce availability according to union and labor laws, automatically factoring in seniority, appropriate breaks, and overtime considerations.

Once Gustaf determines available and compliant shift replacements, the app contacts these workers according to their communication preferences by phone, text or email, and in their preferred language. When coverage is found, the schedule is automatically updated and managers receive a notification of the final shift changes made. Importantly, Gustaf keeps a complete log of all actions and communications taken for the shift management lifecycle for future reference and union compliance.

The benefits of using Beekeeper chat to message Gustaf include:

Gustaf Application Integration: Key Staff Management Benefits

Several features of the Gustaf application integration with Beekeeper are game-changing differentiators when it comes to other team communication apps for staff management:

The Gustaf partnership between Beekeeper and When Labs signals a paradigm-shift in internal communications for staff management in any industry, and a continued commitment to a vibrant Beekeeper application integration marketplace. With Gustaf, staff management processes are streamlined so that both managers and employees can spend more time engaging with guests and less on these essential but time-consuming administrative tasks.

Demo Beekeeper to see how application integrations like Gustaf power the future of staff management.