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Beekeeper Communication Tools Improve Guest Service Scores at The Watergate Hotel

Beekeeper Communication Tools Improve Guest Service Scores at The Watergate Hotel
Alexandra Zamolo
Alexandra Zamolo, Head of Content Marketing
4 min read

Washington, D.C.’s world-renowned Watergate Hotel has 336 guest rooms and 20,000 square feet of event space. Having undergone a $200 million renovation, the historic hotel recently reopened with contemporary, luxury updates. With a robust workforce made up of 280 employees, the iconic hotel property needed sophisticated communication tools to match their state-the-art upgrades.

Before adopting Beekeeper as their employee communications app, the Watergate Hotel connected their hospitality workforce via traditional notification methods such as printed out materials to post on bulletin boards or manually deliver to hotel staff. Of primary concern was whether or not the intended hotel teams were receiving, and reading, these notifications and in a timely manner.

Improved Hotel Guest Service and TripAdvisor Scores

With Beekeeper’s digital communication tools, The Watergate Hotel can immediately communicate and easily deliver on the following mission-critical hospitality needs.

Beekeeper ensures The Watergate Hotel delivers on their goal of always providing a five-star guest experience through enabling more personalized service for a memorable stay for every guest that walks through the door.

"Beekeeper is the foundation of our culture and our community. The platform has helped us relay vital pieces of information, whether it’s a mantra, standard of the day, or VIP information or any type of event that’s happening. I wholeheartedly recommend Beekeeper because it has revolutionized the way we talk to each other." – Jeff David, Managing Director, The Watergate Hotel

Communication Tools to Connect Day and Night Shifts

In the 24/7 hospitality industry, it can be challenging to adequately connect and communicate with hotel teams that work during the day and night shifts. Using Beekeeper’s digital signage feature in their cafeteria, content from Beekeeper communication streams scroll through the hotel’s latest news and updates. Sharing pictures and relevant information regarding upcoming VIP guests contributes to greater staff awareness so they can actively engage whenever they see these guests walking in a hallway. The Watergate Hotel communicates with the morning and overnight teams about any significant events of information that happen during those shifts. Beekeeper’s employee communications app has become the hotel’s main internal communication channel for distributing up-to-the-second operational information. For example, during morning lineups, it’s not uncommon to hear employees say, “I’ll put it on Beekeeper,” or “Can you put that on Beekeeper, that’s important.”

Better Employee Engagement and Company Culture

Since implementing Beekeeper’s employee communications app, hotel management has observed a complete change in their hotel’s working dynamic. Accessing Beekeeper communication tools is fast and easy; employees are more interested and excited to find out what’s going on throughout the hotel. Beekeeper has also become the place for employee recognition. From sharing accolades for a job well-done to “New Kids on the Block” posts complete with photos announcing new hotel team members, The Watergate Hotel credits Beekeeper for promoting and sustaining a sense of belonging and employee engagement amongst their hotel workforce.

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