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Beekeeper Customer RHW Featured in Hospitality Tech Magazine

Beekeeper Customer RHW Featured in Hospitality Tech Magazine
Corey McCarthy
Corey McCarthy, VP of Marketing
2 min read
When searching for a digital internal communications solution for hotels, it can be challenging to strike the right balance between employee engagement and workforce management features. The secret is finding a team app with functionality that helps build a strong company culture, encourages public employee engagement and recognition, and delivers efficient, tailored workflows for hotels and hospitality workforce management. In Hospitality Tech Magazine’s, “19 Hotels, One Digital Hub,” David Montero, Director of Operations at RHW Management, outlines how Beekeeper’s team app has improved internal communications and hospitality workforce management for 19 hotels that RHW Management oversees. Screen shot of RHW Hotels Management stream on Beekeeper team app A few of the main reasons RHW Management adopted Beekeeper’s workforce management team app for the hotels they manage are:

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“In today’s fast-paced, mobile-first world, workforce digitization becomes imperative. At RHW Management, we chose to embrace digitization in the interest of saving time, avoiding miscommunications, and keeping employees focused on delivering a superior guest experience. As Director of Operations at RHW, ensuring that tools and processes related to the employee experience—HR, payroll, benefits, scheduling, and beyond—are both easy to access and serve as minimal distractions to the greater task at hand is of utmost importance. After adopting Beekeeper, one of the first things we implemented was digital scheduling.”

Download the RHW Management case study to discover how a team app can improve internal communications for your hotel.