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“Beekeeper gives me the opportunities to get information out” – Watch how Seaboard Foods is using Beekeeper

Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer, Marketing Manager, North America
1 min read

Take an inside look at Seaboard Foods - one of the largest pork producers in the United States - to see how they are using Beekeeper not only to connect their employees, but to also drive operational efficiency throughout their entire company Beekeeper helps to close the gap between what’s happening at headquarters and what’s resulting out in operations.

"I could make 50 phone calls and not get the same result that I could do in 35-40 seconds with Beekeeper." - Jeremiah Mallard, Animal Handling Transport Manager, Seaboard Foods

"Beekeeper gives me the opportunities to get information out to those drivers who are not sitting at an office or a desk somewhere.” – Glenn Rose, Transportation Safety Manager, Seaboard Foods

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