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Beekeeper Productivity App Release Notes September 2018

Beekeeper Productivity App Release Notes September 2018
Lisa Starita
Lisa Starita, Head of Product Marketing
7 min read

Happy Fall! Our Product Team has been hard at work over this summer making significant operational improvements to the Beekeeper platform. Read on to discover what’s new in the Beekeeper employee app experience, as well as what we have fixed.

Here are the September 2018 Platform Release Notes highlights:

Innovation App for Workforce Idea Sharing and Voting

The future starts with new ideas. So why not source the best from your business? We are very excited to announce our latest homegrown marketplace plugin, the Innovation App. A forum where employees can share and vote on ideas, the Innovation App helps create full transparency on new initiatives, event suggestions, and competition submissions. Employees post their ideas in a stream and allocate voting points in the app via Beekeeper on mobile and web. Take action on the most popular input from the people who know your business best: your workforce. Beekeeper-Productivity-App Release-Notes- September-2018-Innovation-app-on-mobile-and-laptop

Mirus Payslips Integration

Great news for Mirus users! You can now deliver payslips to your employees through Beekeeper and automatically synchronize all employees in your Mirus system to the Beekeeper app. The Mirus Integration increases both productivity and security. This provides integrated user and payslip management for operational efficiency with an extra secure connection for sensitive data. Beekeeper-Mirus-integration-Android-mobile-device

Web Platform: What’s New

Below are more improvements and updates we have made to the Beekeeper communication and productivity platform:

Web Platform: Fixed

Here are the bugs we fixed to ensure smooth sailing while using Beekeeper.

Android: What’s New

If Android is your mobile device of choice, read on to learn what we changed to improve the Android Beekeeper experience.

Android: Fixed

iOS: What’s New

If you use Beekeeper on your iOS mobile device, you’ll want to check out our latest updates to the Beekeeper iOS experience.

iOS: Fixed

Our number one goal is to make sure our customers are happy and using our employee app to its full extent. If you would like to see a new feature added, contact your Customer Success Manager. For more information about Beekeeper features and use cases, check out our Help Center. Stay tuned for next month’s product release notes!

Try Beekeeper to see how our award-winning team productivity app improves operations for your organization.