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Seaboard Foods Connects Their Workforce With a Team App

Seaboard Foods Connects Their Workforce With a Team App
Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer, Marketing Manager, North America
2 min read

One of the largest Pork Producers in the United States, Seaboard Foods connects their entire workforce, from the farmers to the production line employees, with the Beekeeper team app. With over 5,000 employees spread out across farms, production facilities and corporate headquarters, keeping every employee informed and engaged can be a challenge. With the Beekeeper team communication app, Seaboard Foods has overcome this workplace challenge.

"Now that we have Beekeeper, large numbers of our employees are no longer unaccounted for. They are already on their phone, so we can easily reach them with Beekeeper." - Beth Holz, Communications Specialist, Seaboard Foods

"It lets me feel like I'm a part of everything that happens at Seaboard." - Jeremiah Mallard, Animal Handling Transport Manager, Seaboard Foods

"We struggled with communication before we had Beekeeper. Now we have the perfect tool that allows us to communicate across the board to all of our employees. Whether it's our managers, our hourly production, everybody has the same level of communication." - Jennie Watkins, Training Manager, Seaboard Foods

Do you want to learn more how the Beekeeper team app can help your company reach and engage every employee? If so, submit the form below and we will be more than happy to show you a demo.