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Your Guide to Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Beekeeper Unites 1 Hotels with Real-time Employee Communication

Beekeeper Unites 1 Hotels with Real-time Employee Communication

As a nature and sustainability-focused hotel brand operated by SH Group, 1 Hotels knows that the hospitality business hinges on guest experience––and fond memories of their stay. From wooden room keys to 100% organic cotton linens, the hotel brand is elevating how we define hospitality by centering luxury and sustainability in every aspect of their company.

The vast majority of the hotel’s workforce didn’t have access to traditional forms of communication such as text messaging and email. 1 Hotels realized that they needed an employee communication and engagement tool that reinforced leadership values, such as celebrating successes, and transparency in communication, to better connect their teams at their hotel properties.

Replacing WhatsApp with Beekeeper’s Company App

Prior to adopting Beekeeper, management at 1 Hotels created WhatsApp groups to connect hotel staff. This involved managing multiple but separate WhatsApp groups to communicate with hotel engineering, housekeeping, and front desk personnel.

The major downside was that employee communication was limited by department. Now, team leaders can create one message to post in Beekeeper that is visible by all hotel teams. Beekeeper connects the hotel’s frontline workers instantly, providing access to necessary information for 1 Hotels on-the-go hospitality workforce.

Improved Employee Engagement and Reduced Turnover

It’s important that everyone on the various hotel teams has a voice and can actively participate in the daily workplace activities. Beekeeper has been instrumental in shaping this kind of connected company culture at 1 Hotels. Ingraining the mobile collaboration tool into every aspect of their employee communication, managers have been impressed by how hotel employee engagement has increased while turnover has decreased significantly.

“Whether you’re 18 to 85, it doesn’t matter – people love to share on Beekeeper!”
– Milet Lukey, VP of People Operations, SH Group

A daily morning rally is where pre-shift information for the hotel’s teams is primarily communicated, including daily arrivals, events, and other important information. Any recent updates or posts in Beekeeper are reviewed, providing real-time employee communication to improve hotel operations while maintaining 1 Hotel’s core values of celebrating employee contribution and company transparency.

One Company App for Alignment Between Hotel Staff Shifts

Because the hospitality business operates around the clock, essential information needs to be available for both day and night shifts. This aspect of Beekeeper has been especially relevant for HR onboarding of the hotel’s new hires. In just minutes, new hotel employees are trained and onboarded onto Beekeeper, and the company app is a key way of introducing these new hotel team members to the rest of the 1 Hotels staff.

Beekeeper is also used at 1 Hotels for:

Hospitality is all about creating an unforgettable experience, and the service a hotel provides plays an integral role in offering this. Beekeeper empowers hotel workforces with better employee communication to support this mission-critical, superior hospitality service.

Discover how to empower your hotel workforce with a free trial of our company app.