The workplace is a hive – Beekeeper’s symbolic makeover

Here at Beekeeper, we strive for innovation and want to deliver the best experience for our customers. We’ve evolved significantly since our inception to adapt to our clients’ needs, and as our story has changed, our brand has changed along with it. You may have noticed our revamped logo and our website’s new makeover. This rebrand goes beyond just aesthetics. It’s a reflection of our commitment to connecting people through technology, especially the two billion members of the non-desk workforce that aren’t normally kept in the loop. Beekeeper is where technology meets people, and this is our journey to unite them!
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Beekeeper Raises $8 Million to Connect and Engage Two Billion Workers Without Desk Jobs

We are excited to announce that Beekeeper has secured $8 million in Series A financing. The funding is great news for our existing clients and companies looking for employee communication solutions. We take great pride in helping companies foster corporate cultures where everyone thrives, including the 2 billion non-desk workers. This new round of funds will allow us to continue to push the boundaries of employee engagement and internal communications.
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“Beekeeper’s Simplicity has been key to our adoption!” – Seaboard Foods, Beekeeper Client

One of the largest Pork Producers in the United States, Seaboard Foods connects their entire company, from the farmers to the production line employees, with Beekeeper. With over 5,000 employees spread out across farms, production facilities and corporate headquarters, keeping every employee informed and engaged can be a challenge. With Beekeeper, Seaboard Foods has overcome this challenge.

“Now that we have Beekeeper, large numbers of our employees are no longer unaccounted for. They are already on their phone, so we can easily reach them with Beekeeper.” – Beth Holz, Communications Specialist, Seaboard Foods

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“Beekeeper gives me the opportunities to get information out” – Watch how Seaboard Foods is using Beekeeper

Take an inside look at Seaboard Foods – one of the largest pork producers in the United States – to see how they are using Beekeeper not only to connect their employees, but to also drive operational efficiency throughout their entire company Beekeeper helps to close the gap between what’s happening at headquarters and what’s resulting out in operations.

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Beekeeper shares What Context is Necessary for the Future of HR with HR Market Watch Podcast

HR Market Watch and #HRWins has discovered the key objective for successful HR Tech implementation in 2017 and it’s prioritizing support of managers and supervisors with new HR Technology! Beekeeper is doing exactly this and our VP of North America, Michael Berman joined George LaRocque to discuss this and much more.

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Beekeeper named to Top 500 HCM Market Report

Let the ball drop on 2016 as Beekeeper rings in the new year by being named to the Top 500 HCM Software Vendors in the world from Apps That Run The World HCM Top 500 Market Report.

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Pablo Posts: Internal Communication Down Under – What Australia has taught us in 2016

Internal communication is continually evolving and it adapts itself to the context, the people, and the organizations around the world. Today, many factors like cutting-edge technology and a more inclusive personnel approach are helping to set the rules that allow for more effective internal communication. HR managers across the world are adapting to this new context and exploring advanced ways to communicate internally and Australia is not the exception.

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Instant Secure Login To Revolutionize Employee Onboarding

Beekeeper, a leading enterprise mobile communication solution, announced today they are revolutionizing non-desk employee onboarding via their app. One of the biggest problems companies face with internal communication tools is low adoption rates, so Beekeeper set out to solve this issue for employers.

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Accel Eurospace Beekeeper Top SaaS

Beekeeper was named to the Top 100 SaaS Companies in Europe and Israel

The SaaS Wars are a foot and the competition is intense! But Beekeeper was just named to the Top 100 SaaS Companies in Europe on the “Accel EuroScape”- a list of top 100 most promising SaaS companies in Europe and Israel!

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Internal communication, management, and dance inspired by bees.

Do the Waggle Dance: 3 Communication and Management Lessons We Can Learn From Bees

Bees are fascinating organisms that have been in the world for around 130 million years and they have developed captivating social abilities. In addition to being a key player in our ecosystem, bees represent a breathtaking example of how communication is essential to operate and thrive.

On top of this, bees are embedded in our company’s name and culture, so today I’ll share with you three things we can learn from bees about improving internal communication and organizational management:

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