Beekeeper "Future of the Non-Desk Workforce" Panel Featured in Huffington Post

Beekeeper “Future of the Non-Desk Workforce” Panel Featured in Huffington Post

On October 10th we hosted a “Future of the Non-Desk Workforce” panel discussion to accompany our big announcement of the Beekeeper Marketplace and custom integrations. The three panelists included two Beekeeper customers, Jennifer Pappas, Internal Communications Manager at Wireless Vision and Anja Luthje, Group Director of Rooms and Quality at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, and experience design expert Sarah Deane at EffectUX.

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From big data to organizational culture, these industry leaders shared their insights on where they see the future of non-desk workers in the next five years and what they are doing now to arm their employees with tools that will help their business maintain a competitive edge as we move into a new era. They discussed the real value of big data, AI, cybersecurity, nextgen internal communications, and the operational impact of the digital workplace.

Following the event, Sarah Deane expanded on key topics from the panel discussion in an article for the Huffington Post called “Culture, A.I., and the Non-Desk Workforce.”

About the Author

As the Founder of EffectUX, Sarah Deane is a thought leader in the space of Experience, having written a UX primer and how-to in 2014, presented at SXSW on the topic of Workplace Experience: UX, Technology, and Humans, as well as frequently writing on the Huffington Post and Business Value Exchange. At EffectUX, Sarah guides and creates Index algorithms and success models, a process which has been recognized by IDG (2016) for the process of measuring experience.

Before founding EffectUX, Sarah served in Experience Design Leadership roles and has grown and managed CX and UX teams. She built the first Global IT 360 Experience Lab during her tenure at HP. She has a Masters in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence with a concentration on algorithm design, data modeling, and computer vision.

Article Preview

I was recently honored to participate in a panel at Beekeeper’s announcement of their integrated workplace feature, alongside Jennifer Pappas (Internal Communications Manager at Wireless Vision), Anja Luthje (Group Director Rooms and Quality for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group), and facilitated by Beekeepers VP Corey McCarthy.

The theme was all about the hot-topic of culture, A.I and especially how they impacted the non-desk workforce. There were lots of great food-for-thought, so we wanted to share a summary of a few of them as they may be helpful for those that are working on digitizing or engaging their non-desk workforce.

Asian Hospitality Magazine Features Beekeeper for Crisis Communications

Asian Hospitality Magazine Features Beekeeper for Crisis Communications

Read how one of our customers, 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami, Florida, used Beekeeper’s digital workplace app for crisis communications to keep more than 700 employees up to date during Hurricane Irma. Yonaira Hernandez, 1 Hotel’s Assistant Director of People Operations, explains how they posted direct links to resources like food, shelter, and power to give everyone safety information as quickly as possible.

Source: asianhospitality

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