September Beekeeper Product Release Notes

Beekeeper Product Release Notes September 2017

As promised, here are the latest features and improvements we’ve developed since last month’s product release notes. Here’s what you can start using now or very soon!
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Break down communication barriers with new inline translation feature

Our clients have spoken and we’ve listened. We’re thrilled to announce our newest (and most anticipated) feature—inline translation! This feature, available on both web and mobile versions, allows Beekeeper users to have any post or comment translated in their preferred language with a simple click. It supports 30 languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, and many more.
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Upload Company-Wide Videos Straight From Your Mobile Device

Customers love our easy-to-use video upload feature to connect and inform entire organizations about what’s going on internally, including onboarding, new processes, company updates, and much more (a few of which we’ll highlight in this article). Previously, this feature was only available on the web version of the Beekeeper app, but we’ve made it available for Android and iOS mobile versions as well.
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New Confirmation Campaign Feature Ensures Critical Information is Read

New Confirmation Campaign Feature Ensures Critical Information is Read

Step aside read receipts—our new confirmation campaign feature helps ensure every employee has not only read important communications but has also confirmed they’ve been read. Don’t get me wrong, read receipts are incredibly useful. But for critical matters, you need confirmation that a message or document has been read or a video has been viewed. This feature provides an extra level of accountability.
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Instant and real-time feedback with our new employee survey chatbot

Our Chatbots take employee surveys to the next level. The chatbot was designed with employee surveys in mind and makes great strides in simplifying internal communication. Read more


“Beekeeper’s Simplicity has been key to our adoption!” – Seaboard Foods, Beekeeper Client

One of the largest Pork Producers in the United States, Seaboard Foods connects their entire company, from the farmers to the production line employees, with Beekeeper. With over 5,000 employees spread out across farms, production facilities and corporate headquarters, keeping every employee informed and engaged can be a challenge. With Beekeeper, Seaboard Foods has overcome this challenge.

“Now that we have Beekeeper, large numbers of our employees are no longer unaccounted for. They are already on their phone, so we can easily reach them with Beekeeper.” – Beth Holz, Communications Specialist, Seaboard Foods

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“Beekeeper gives me the opportunities to get information out” – Watch how Seaboard Foods is using Beekeeper

Take an inside look at Seaboard Foods – one of the largest pork producers in the United States – to see how they are using Beekeeper not only to connect their employees, but to also drive operational efficiency throughout their entire company Beekeeper helps to close the gap between what’s happening at headquarters and what’s resulting out in operations.

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Instant Secure Login To Revolutionize Employee Onboarding

Beekeeper, a leading enterprise mobile communication solution, announced today they are revolutionizing non-desk employee onboarding via their app. One of the biggest problems companies face with internal communication tools is low adoption rates, so Beekeeper set out to solve this issue for employers.

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“Beekeeper is a communication tool that helps us streamline operations” – Grand Hyatt Doha, Beekeeper Client

We’re happy to share another great video from Grand Hyatt Doha where you will learn how Beekeeper helps them increase operations efficiency in their hotel.

“Not everyone has email access, like housekeeping attendants or laundry attendants, and to pass the information to each and every one is a bit challenging. But with the help of Beekeeper 600 employees can have access at more or less the same time.”

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“Less meetings, more focus on quality” – watch how Grand Hyatt Doha is using Beekeeper

We’re excited to share a testimonial video from our client – Grand Hyatt Doha. 249 rooms and 91 villas, 564 employees from 54 countries and one communication tool to connect everyone. Watch the video to learn more about how Beekeeper helps the hotel to unleash the power of communication.

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