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How to Create a Hospitality Crisis Communication Strategy

How to Create a Hospitality Crisis Communication Strategy
Alexandra Zamolo
Alexandra Zamolo, Head of Content Marketing
3 min read

In an ongoing effort to balance hospitality and security, the hotel and hospitality industry is uniquely vulnerable to crisis. Hotels face safety challenges that range from unpredictable guest behavior to natural disasters.

Considering the possible circumstances that can compromise guest experience can leave hotels unsure of how to adequately prepare a crisis communication strategy in moments of danger or conflict.

The good news is real time communication and well-prepared crisis plans can help stave off the devastation and high costs of crises. Our white paper, “Hotel Crisis Planning and Communications,” navigates the essential preparation measures hotels should implement to ensure cross-organizational readiness in the event of a disaster.

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Assess Your Hotel’s Regional Vulnerabilities

Whether it’s determining proximity to earthquake fault lines on the West Coast, studying hurricane forecasts in the Gulf and on the East, or flooding risks in Central Europe, knowing what your hotel may be up against is a key first step in hotel workforce management strategy in the event of a crisis. This preparation includes structural reassurances, such as making sure the building is up to code, or ensuring hotel rooms are equipped with flashlights, first aid kits, and smoke detectors.

Centralize Crisis Management Resources in an Employee App

When it comes to crisis communications, having every member of your hotel using the same internal communication tools within one digital hub is key. There is a multitude of internal communications strategies that can be optimized by technology, including the necessary documents your hotel staff needs to respond quickly in case of crisis. Make information such as emergency exit routes, meeting safe zones, and evacuation plans readily accessible for your hospitality workforce by embedding relevant internal communications within an employee app.

Use an Employee App for Recovery Post-Crisis

Many of the essential functions of an employee app will prove beneficial before, during, and after an emergency situation in your hotel.

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In the face of crisis, there are many tactics that the hospitality industry can engage to assess, prepare, take action, restore, and rebuild. Given the highly-dispersed nature of hotel workforces, providing a mobile internal communications and operations tool for your employees should be considered an essential step as you create a crisis management strategy.

Learn more about how an employee app can assist with your hotel crisis communications by downloading the complete white paper.