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3 Reasons Why Digital Workspaces Are Now For Everyone

3 Reasons Why Digital Workspaces Are Now For Everyone
Cristian Grossmann
Cristian Grossmann, CEO and Co-Founder, Beekeeper
3 min read
Digital workspaces are becoming more common and they benefit everyone in your organization. But what is a digital workspace? There are many varying definitions, but a great one comes from CMS Wire: “The digital workplace is meant to be a virtual equivalent to the physical workplace.” While the physical workspace has desks, office supplies, and a copy room, the digital workspace is all about technology. Of course, the digital workplace is always evolving and now it isn’t just for desktop workers.

Digital Workspace Brings Employees Together

Today’s digital workplace brings all workers together, finally making it possible to communicate with workers in various locations simultaneously. Whether your employees are based in the corporate office in New York, working remotely from Zurich, or spending their days driving cross country, a digital workspace puts everyone in the same place: online. Employees are able to work together seamlessly regardless of location and feel connected even though they don’t see each other in the office.

Digital Workspace Increases Employee Engagement

This means all employees can feel connected and part of the same team, no matter where they are located. For non-desk and remote employees, this is a very welcome change. Employees are able to be more productive and understand management implicitly trusts them perform without being in the same building. In other words, a good digital workspace can increase employee engagement! And engaged employees can increase a company’s performance by up to 202%. With advances in technology, from fiber optic broadband to mobile communication apps, co-workers are able to stay in constant communication and feel a part of the team.

Digital Workspace Empowers Employees

By giving employees the ability to work within a digital workspace, employers are empowering them. Employees feel trusted when they are given the power to work when and where they can. And when non-desk workers feel included and part of the team, they’re more productive. Every business wants empowered employees, because they have been shown to be 26% more satisfied in their roles, and thus more productive Enhancing your business’s digital workspace is one way to make that happen. Your company likely already has a digital workspace of some sort, and it will only grow in the years to come. Klaus Holse, vice president of Microsoft Western Europe, said that to be successful in the future, businesses must “break down the barriers between people, workplaces and technologies and empower their employees to be productive and creative wherever they are… Competitive advantage increasingly comes from letting employees use technology in the way they want to. This requires a business culture that puts people first." There’s no time like the present to start focusing on your digital workspace. Your employees and your company’s future depend on it.

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