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Does Changing Company Culture Mean You Must Change Leadership

Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer, Marketing Manager, North America
1 min read
The times are changing. But what does that mean? Does the drastic act of changing an organization's culture mean that the leadership must also change? Sharlyn Lauby wrote a great article on her blog titled HR Bartender regarding this very topic. Many have the belief that the company culture is set my the CEO and their executive staff, but is this true? There is a leaning majority that is pushing towards the previous statement as being false. The company culture is a makeup of your employees, your vendors, and your teammates. The development of company culture actually comes from your communication with each other and with the organization as a whole. Facilitating this communication is something we at Beekeeper take pride in. Give Sharlyn Lauby's great piece a read and if you are looking for a platform that will build company culture and engage your employees at all levels, check out Beekeeper. Source: HR Bartender