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Your Guide to Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

How to Choose the Best Mobile Collaboration Apps

How to Choose the Best Mobile Collaboration Apps

Without question, better internal communication means more engaged employees, which provides myriad benefits from increased productivity to worker retention.

If you don’t currently have a digital internal communication solution in place, it’s time to begin actively researching a mobile collaboration app. This is especially true if the majority of your workforce is dispersed, working across locations, teams, and schedules.

An essential part of your workforce management strategy, a team app centralizes internal communication, placing employee engagement tools and important company news directly (and literally) in the hands of your employees.

Working remotely or on-site, a mobile collaboration app is accessible to your workforce via mobile devices from the office, front desk, or plant floor to the break room.

There are three main factors to consider and to look for in a mobile collaboration app:

  1. Implementation
  2. Usability
  3. Workforce management and ease of doing business

Team App Implementation with Your Workforce

One of the first aspects of a team app to measure is the roll-out process. Successful implementation of a team app involves a variety of factors, a major one being that the roll-out is leadership-driven and embedded in your internal communication strategy.

Managers and other leaders need to know how to navigate the mobile collaboration app, but they also need to use it so employees are inspired by their example.

In this context, it’s especially important to view and assess data related to adoption rates, which quantifies how many engaged employees are using the app and how. After doing so, you can augment or incorporate additional features based on this feedback with the help of customer support experts.

“The team at Beekeeper is also very helpful and supportive both during and after the implementation, taking into account our feedback and pushing new features requests.”
- Quentin S., Director of Operations

Beekeeper analytics dashboard

Better Usability = More Engaged Employees

Usability—otherwise known as ease-of-use—involves how user-friendly a mobile collaboration app is for both administrators and workers. Since hotels are operating 24/7, a team app should effectively bridge the internal communication gap between departments, day and night shifts, and properties.

In today’s digitally-centric world, usability is closely related to how well a mobile collaboration app’s technology integrates with your workforce’s other messaging tools. An intuitive interface is an important quality to look for in a team app, too.

Successful integration within your workforce’s existing workflows is a surefire way to facilitate adoption, as your team wants to use internal communication tools that are familiar. If a company can’t make their mobile collaboration app pleasant to use, adoption and sustained engagement will suffer.

“Easy to use, awesome functionality, flexible tools, intuitive for users, and very scalable for small and big groups.”
- Drew M., Director of Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Mobile Collaboration Apps Should Reflect Ease of Doing Business

Communicating in real-time with a team app means that your workforce can conduct necessary business operations without having to individually talk with colleagues. This saves valuable time, particularly when your workforce is dispersed across multiple locations or departments.

In communication streams within your mobile collaboration app, easily post pictures or video team updates and company information, and notify specific members of your workforce by tagging them.

Above all, a mobile collaboration app’s customer support should be thorough and detailed, proactively identifying any potential issues and creatively problem-solving to address them in a timely way to keep your internal communications running smoothly.

“Running a busy luxury hotel takes lots of real-time communication. Beekeeper has transformed the way people get their daily digestion of information for the day here. I love that our posts have a running slideshow in our employee cafeteria to broadcast to all. It really stimulates creativity and camaraderie with the staff. The best part of all is the HUMAN customer support - one of the customer representatives helped us launch, adopt, and embrace its functionality (like a really cool friend).”
- Jeff D., Hospitality Managing Director

To see how Beekeeper's mobile collaboration app has improved operations at InterContinental Miami, download the case study.