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How to Use Beekeeper/Zapier Integrations for Staff Recognition

How to Use Beekeeper/Zapier Integrations for Staff Recognition

We were pretty excited when we first announced that Beekeeper had become a fully supported Zapier app. So naturally, we’re even more excited to update you on all the creative, ingenious ways that Beekeeper customers are leveraging the endless power of workflow automation to make their daily lives easier.

In case you missed the first post, let’s take a quick moment to review exactly what Zapier is and how it can help you look like the hyper-organized efficiency rockstar that you are.

Zapier 101

Essentially, Zapier is an online tool that allows you to connect all your favorite apps and cloud-based software so they can “talk” to each other and work together to make your life easier.

Zapier allows you to create connections between all the different apps and software you use in your day-to-day life. Want to automatically save email attachments to Dropbox or Google Drive? Done. How about automatically send an email to certain people when a spreadsheet gets updated? No problem. All you have to do is create a connection with Zapier.

These app connections you create on Zapier are called “Zaps.” You can build Zaps between any apps on the Zapier marketplace, including Beekeeper!

The best part? You don’t have to write a single line of code to create these Zaps and get your apps working together on their own. If the idea of Zaps, workflows, and app integrations makes your head spin, don’t worry. It’s actually much more straightforward than it all sounds.

Why We Love Zapier App Integrations

Here’s a couple more reasons why we love workflow automation with Zapier here at Beekeeper.

How to Create Beekeeper Zaps for Staff Recognition

You can find plug-and-play templates for all of these Zaps on Beekeeper’s section of the Zapier website.

Birthday and Work Anniversary Reminders

What it does: Send an automated chat message to your team leads, or create a post based on certain profile field data (work anniversary date, birthday — or even use it for automated reminders about expiring certificates).

Benefit: Birthday/anniversary posts are an easy, low investment way to give your staff recognition for their hard work. This helps create a positive, inclusive company culture and boosts employee engagement. Simply put, people do their best work when they feel appreciated and supported.

Employee Recognition

What it does: Integrate your employee recognition stream in Beekeeper with a Google Sheet to keep track of your most-recognized employees and reward the winners at regular events and celebrations.

Benefit: Build a culture of recognition and positive reinforcement for your team by giving your employees a space to publicly acknowledge each other’s work on Beekeeper. These simple acts of recognition have been proven to reduce employee turnover by 32%.

Social Media Sharing

What it does: Automatically duplicate published social media posts in Beekeeper


Benefit: Save time. Improve collaboration between internal comms and social media teams. Eliminate the need to copy and paste social media content into Beekeeper.

Comply With Labor Laws

What it does: Automatically populate the profile field that appears next to an employee’s name on Beekeeper with the employee’s availability status listed in your HR system. This way, other employees can easily see whether or not someone is actively working.

Benefit: Employees can avoid messaging someone who’s not working, and companies can ensure that their team member’s work-life balance is being respected.

How Wheatsville Co-Op Builds Company Culture with Employee Recognition Posts and Zapier Integrations

Wheatsville Food Co-Op has been a Beekeeper customer for over two years. After successfully leveraging the Beekeeper app to reduce internal emails by 90% (impressive!), they began exploring the automation possibilities with Beekeeper/Zapier integrations.

Here’s how they do it. Wheatsville Food Co-Op uses a Beekeeper/Zapier integration to publicly recognize their employees’ hard work. They’ve created a designated space in their Beekeeper app where co-workers can give each other shout-outs and praise one another for a job well done.

Here’s what their HR department has to say about the human impact of their employee recognition Zap.

“Our Zapier integration helps us to incentivize our employees to positively recognize others. We have an initiative called “Caught in the Act” where co-workers can thank each other for the little things that make a difference. They used to post this a piece of colored paper on a pinboard in-store, but now we have a dedicated stream in Beekeeper where employees tag each other in posts. Our Zap automatically tracks the nominators and nominees in a spreadsheet and rewards them with points, and the employee with the most points each quarter gets a gift voucher. We’ve found that it helps everyone feel more motivated and engaged at work.

- Beth Beutel, Human Resources Generalist & Board Administrator, Wheatsville Co-Op

Wheatsville Food Co-Op’s Zap helps their HR department measure employee recognition within the company without bogging it down with a ton of red tape or needless process. The spontaneity factor keeps the recognition genuine, while the Zap does all the tracking automatically, so nobody has to spend time wading through endless rows on a spreadsheet.

It’s easy. Efficient. And makes life better for their frontline employees. That’s why we love it so much.

When workflow automation is done right, there’s a very human impact that reverberates throughout the entire company. Morale improves. Suddenly people are in a better mood, and wouldn’t you know it, folks actually enjoy being at work. In the end, that’s really what it’s all about.

Fun Fact: Employees at Wheatsville Food Co-Op have published a grand total of 3,900 recognition posts from an average of 235 employees in the 2 years they’ve been using Beekeeper. On average, five Wheatsville employees are thanked for their work every day!

Improving the Employee Experience with Workplace Technology

With these Beekeeper/Zapier integrations, you can deliver an exceptional employee experience and keep your HR department sane at the same time. A digital workplace is a great way to start improving the employee experience at your company, but building a connected, automated system of useful tools, resources, and communication channels lets you take it to the next level.

Now go forth, and build a digital workplace your team will love.

Thinking of creating the ultimate digital workplace for your employees? Download our guide on internal communication for frontline industries to learn how!