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How to Use a Team App to Facilitate Workforce Wellness Programs

How to Use a Team App to Facilitate Workforce Wellness Programs

Mental health is a crucial aspect of a thriving, engaged, and healthy workforce. In turn, workforce wellness is an integral part of any healthy––and productive––workplace. So what role can technology like team apps play in helping facilitate both happy, healthy employees and wellness in the workplace?

Consider Offering Subscriptions to Well-being Apps

In combination with a comprehensive wellness program, a team app can be used to facilitate many of the components of your plan, from fitness challenges and polling your workforce about group wellness-oriented or other employee engagement activities to integrations with specific wellness apps.

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When researching options to include in your workplace well-being action plan, there are many wellness apps such as Luminosity (neuroscience-back brain games to improve memory), Sleep Cycle (tracks your sleep patterns to ensure optimal amount of rest), and MindShift (a self-proclaimed “portable coach,” this app provides strategies for common anxiety provokers like social situations).

While somewhat controversial as to whether adding another technological tool to our lives actually relieves stress, here are the key benefits that matter in the context of emotional and mental health:

It’s important to note that a well-being app, and technology in general, is just one part of a well-rounded wellness program and strategy.

Use a Team App to Facilitate and Champion Your Wellness Program

While not all activities are appropriate to track and post publicly on your team app, team-building events are. For example, a group outing to a local park to pick up trash serves three purposes: helping to beautify your community, environmental stewardship, and an ecologically-philanthropic way to get active.

Beekeeper’s own Well-Beeing stream is one way to create communication streams dedicated to your wellness program in your team app. Doing so is an ideal method of sharing wellness tips, uploading guidelines, and posting best practices with your workforce.

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Having nutritional snacks, drinks, and other food options available for your workforce is also an important part of creating a healthy workplace. Posting the week’s offerings on your team app and the nutritional value (for example, antioxidant benefits of blueberries, or heart-healthy benefits of oatmeal) further encourages your team to add them to their daily diet at work.

Using a team app as part of your internal communication strategy to drive workforce engagement with a company wellness program can be an effective part of your overall wellness program strategy in the following ways:

No matter what route you take or what solutions you decide to implement, incorporating multiple strategies, such as a team app like Beekeeper, ensures your workforce feels supported by offering the ability to engage on their own terms. A team app can be an integral part of a well-rounded workplace wellness program in today’s busy, digitally-focused world.

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