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Epidemic Disengagement, Leadership And Going Mobile – HR Tech World in Paris, Day 1

Epidemic Disengagement, Leadership And Going Mobile – HR Tech World in Paris, Day 1
Maria Barikhina
Maria Barikhina, Chief Happiness Officer
3 min read

The first day of the congress is over and here are the three keywords to highlight the key topics: epidemic disengagement, leadership and going mobile.

Epidemic employee disengagement

Yves Morieux (Senior Partner & Fellow Boston Consulting Group) started the day with a presentation on the work crisis. The figures showed that only 11 - 23% of employees in Europe are engaged at work. This topic continued to be trending throughout the day. The numbers vary from country to country but you could hear it in every corner of the congress that it is now one of the key business challenges of the XXI century. The modern generation needs a sense of purpose, we need to bring inspiration to people.


One of the most anticipated events today was the panel discussion with Sir Richard Branson (Founder Virgin Group), Frédéric Mazzella (CEO BlaBlaCar), Peter Arvai (CEO Prezi), Steve Tappin (CEO Guru and CEO - Xinfu) and Ambrosia Vertesi (VP of Talent Hootsuite). The main focus was on how to make your company enjoyable to work for and the role of leadership in it. Here are some thoughts our team found remarkable:

- Being a good leader is about being a good listener. The person in charge of people is the most important person in the company. "It's not easy when you have a successful record company and you try to convince your employees to start an airline business... But Boeing said that we could return the one plane we had after a year if it didn't work"
- Leadership is about empowering people to share their density
- Most of your life is work, it should be enjoyable
- Leadership is also about transformation. You should move forward and be open. "I love hearing Virgin learns new things all the time".

And this is how Virgin keep their people engaged: "If you work at Virgin - we'll give you a discount to space" :)

The world is going mobile

It's not a surprise that mobile technologies became the main focus of all tech discussions. HR is not an exception. At our stand we had interesting discussions on the modern reality when companies struggle to reach and consequently engage non-desktop employees. Many people in the service industries don't have access to emails, but Facebook and WhatsApp became an irreplaceable part of their life. One of the most interesting thoughts of the day - when email appeared companies were the main initiators of its implementation and workers had to catch up, but now people bring to their offices technologies they're already using in their personal life and it's the companies who have to catch up now. There's a gap between private and business communication which has to be bridged in order to increase engagement and improve the processes.

Day 1 was very vibrant and disruptive, looking forward to the Day 2! Join our discussions at stand 328 if you're here too.

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