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Instant Messaging for Business Is Not Destroying Your Company’s Productivity. The Way You’re Using It Is

Instant Messaging for Business Is Not Destroying Your Company’s Productivity. The Way You’re Using It Is
Jessica Ruane
Jessica Ruane, Content Writer
6 min read

Recently, business messaging apps have come under fire for destroying productivity and wreaking havoc on work culture. They’ve even been accused of ruining work/life balance for office workers from companies like Away.

Here’s the question nobody is asking. . . an enterprise messaging app is destroying productivity for who? Office workers? Maybe. Frontline workers? Definitely not.

As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time on both sides of the aisle: as a veteran waitress turned seasoned copywriter, there’s one thing I know for sure.

Generally speaking, desk-based workers have way too much tech, while frontline workers don’t have nearly enough.

In my desk-based day job, I am flooded with workplace tech that would intimidate even the most diehard tech lover.

However, back in the day when I was slinging breakfast hash on the weekends, I was woefully lacking even the most basic technology in the workplace. At every restaurant I’ve ever worked at, bosses and co-workers had absolutely no reservations about blowing up my personal cell phone with text messages at all hours of the night.

They sent everything from last-minute schedule requests to announcements about new breakfast specials.

Why? Because there was no other way for us to communicate. . .

Or was there?

What Workplace Communication Is Really Like for Frontline Workers

When you’re an hourly worker, work doesn’t always stop when you’re off the clock. Schedules are haphazardly emailed to the team the night before. Imagine finding out at 11pm that you have to open the restaurant at 5am the very next morning.

Desk workers enjoy endless options for workplace software that provides them with a clear bumper between their work life and their personal lives. However, many blue collar workers are not afforded the same level of consideration when it comes to work/life balance.

This lack of an employee notification system leads to more stress, less time to organize your schedule around your job, and limited options for acquiring the information you need to do your job well.

So, if desk workers are so inundated with workplace tech that it’s actually hurting their overall productivity, and hourly workers are hurting for some kind of solution just to communicate with their manager and find out when they work, why aren’t companies building SaaS solutions for the blue collar world?

80% of the world’s workforce is made up of frontline workers. Why are these workers being ignored when it comes to workplace communication?

Meet Beekeeper. The instant messaging software for business that’s made for frontline workers.

Team Messaging Made for the Frontlines

When it comes to workplace tech, frontline workers are a historically underserved population — even though they’re highly influential in driving customer decisions.

According to a recent white paper from Google,

“73% of consumers say customer service drives their purchase decisions, and 65% find great customer service more influential than great advertising."

Since frontline workers are clearly so valuable in driving consumer purchasing power, it’s shocking that they aren’t given the proper technology needed to communicate.

Another stat from Google's white paper reveals,

53% of frontline workers use messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger up to six times a day for work-related reasons, but 68% of them said they’d stop if given approved internal communication tools.

This data clearly shows that frontline workers need a way to communicate while they’re at work. When they aren’t provided with the appropriate technology to do so, they’re forced to turn to unsecure workarounds like WhatsApp.

But what should a corporate messaging app for frontline workers look like?

Must-Haves in an Enterprise Instant Messenger for Frontline Workers

Frontline workers have different communication needs than their office-bound counterparts.

They need business instant messaging software that’s mobile, easy to use, and reliable. Bells and whistles aren’t as important as stability and dependability.

If you’re in the market for a business messaging solution, here are a few must-have features.

Beekeeper’s enterprise instant messaging is changing the way frontline employees communicate with each other. In non-desk industries, more and more companies are adopting instant messaging for business to consolidate internal communication and meet the needs of their workforce.

Top Benefits of Business Instant Messaging for Frontline Employees with Beekeeper

Instant messaging for business means more than just quick responses and streamlined communication. Enterprise instant messaging can be used for file sharing, company updates, and even employee recognition.

These are the top ten benefits of using a real-time messaging app for your internal communication.

1. Real-Time Company Updates

Beekeeper uses a newsfeed so everyone in the company can easily keep up with company-wide accomplishments and other news.

2. Easy Login

Since many frontline workers don’t have access to a company email, it’s crucial that their enterprise messaging solutions provide an easy way for them to login. That’s why Beekeeper created QR code onboarding, so employers can onboard employees without an email address, or even a password!

3. Standardize Training Procedures

With a mobile document library, frontline workers finally have access to training resources and documentation, right at their fingertips.

4. Better Collaboration

Perfect for the multi-tasker. Messaging apps allow for real-time, mobile collaboration between teams through group or one-on-one messaging.

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5. Employee Bonding and Relationship Building

Business instant messaging reinforces trust between management and frontline workers by providing transparency, prompting improvements in company culture.

6. Quick Responses

Messaging apps allow management to respond quickly to employee questions and concerns. Similarly, one-on-one and group messaging lets coworkers collaborate and problem-solve together.

7. Organization

Enterprise instant messaging keeps all internal communications organized in one place.

8. Connecting Off-Site

With enterprise instant messaging, employees can start group messaging or one-on-one chats from anywhere, making shift changes in particular a convenient and easy process through shift app integrations like Gustaf.

9. Automatic Record Keeping

Enterprise instant messaging saves chat history, keeping a chronological record of discussions in the messaging app so no communication gets lost.

10. Timely Notifications

With alerts and notifications, instant messaging apps for business ensures that employees never miss a memo, workshop, or group messaging thread.

Beekeeper for Business Instant Messaging

A useful internal communication tool is one that engages and seamlessly connects workers across locations, languages, and departments. Instant messaging for business solves issues of forgotten memos, muddled walkie talkies, and tedious automated phone menus.

Beekeeper cleans up and organizes company communications — putting the business in business instant messaging — while retaining the simple and collaborative nature of texting we all know and love.

Ready to embrace an enterprise instant messenger for your business? Simply fill out the form to request your free Beekeeper demo!