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Mobile Operations Tools Empower USA Compression Workforce
Mobile Operations Tools Empower USA Compression Workforce
USA Compression is one of the United States’ largest independent, third-party providers of compression services for the oil and gas industry. The company manufactures and performs maintenance on compression equipment to ensure uninterrupted operations. Based in Austin, TX, USA Compression employs a highly-trained and dispersed workforce of field technicians and maintenance workers. Before Beekeeper, the Northeast North division primarily communicated through emails, paper notices, and phone calls. With phone calls, information was sometimes lost because of a bad connection from a remote worksite. Managers and employees alike were getting too many emails per day and there was no method of reliably tracking who read them. The company needed operations tools to address the following field service management challenges:
  1. Better connect team of 85 field technicians, maintenance workers, and safety managers in the Northeast North division in one centralized place
  2. Unified communication throughout the company to share safety policies and best practices, product updates, and operational information
  3. Mobile technology for real-time knowledge sharing from field technicians working on-site at customer locations

Mobile Technology to Improve Field Service Management

Technicians and maintenance workers often encountered delays when trying to obtain time-sensitive information regarding compression equipment. Though they could reach out to a manager, that information wouldn’t necessarily be shared with the rest of the team. This meant that other field technicians in the same region could potentially experience that same issue, and they would have to start the process all over again. The company also wanted to avoid digital operations tools that were more geared towards social networks so as to not confuse personal and professional profiles of their employees.
“Since implementing Beekeeper, we have seen reductions in the amount of technician labor needed for middle-of-the-night maintenance. Whenever technicians reach out for help through Beekeeper, problems are solved more quickly.” –Mark Reed, Director of Operations, Northeast North District

Operations Tools for Real-time Equipment Issue Diagnosis

In designated Beekeeper communication streams named for the equipment field technicians service––such as Parts, Compressor, Panel, and Engine––technicians post pictures and videos from worksites to gather advice or feedback. Accompanied by questions, and in some cases tags to notify specific colleagues to weigh in, the posts invite fellow technicians to comment below the post with details and trouble-shooting tips.

Leveraging Content to Improve Trainings for Maintenance Workers

Based on the questions that arise from content posted in Beekeeper, USA Compression assesses any knowledge gaps when it comes to equipment maintenance, safety, and operations. Informed by the photo and video content in posts like these, leadership then sets up trainings with the engine and compressor manufacturing companies to address these areas and improve field technician expertise. This is an important component of making sure the company delivers on their runtime contractual obligations and ongoing maintenance worker upskilling.

Download the full USA Compression case study now to start improving your field service management with mobile technology.