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Pablo Posts: Is Beekeeper only for Millennials? What about Baby Boomers?
Pablo Posts: Is Beekeeper only for Millennials? What about Baby Boomers?
You may have read my previous post on why millennials love Beekeeper and wondered if our platform was developed only for a specific generation. Well, the answer is no. Today, the design and use of technology have overcome many social barriers including age. Pablo Posts Pablo González is the head salesperson for Beekeeper in Australia. In his series of posts Pablo usually shares his insights and answers the most important questions clients ask him. Have a question for Pablo? Ask him! As time goes by, population pyramids are reshaped and those who first started interacting with personal computers represent a larger proportion of our communities. I am talking about the baby-boomers. Fifty years ago, baby boomers were called the “youth quake” to describe how they were shaking the popular culture. Today, we’re living the early stages of a “grey quake” that sets specific consumption, marketing and operational standards around the world. Keeping this in mind, we can explore three reasons why the baby boomer generation has welcomed and adopted Beekeeper:
  1. Their adoption rates are growing. Baby boomers may not have been the early adopters of the internet nor the first to sign up for a social network, but according to Forbes, their growth rate in adoption and use of information and communications technology is higher than that of younger generations.
  1. Tech is not unfamiliar, not at all! Modern technology is something that baby boomers are very familiarized with. This is the generation that used CP/M, DOS or Unix and then jumped to Mac or PCs. Being introduced to new technological trends is a habitual thing in baby boomers lives.
  1. They understanding value and loyalty. Unlike younger generations, baby boomers don’t jump from one app to another. They would rather have a reduced number of apps and make the most out of them. According to Pew Research Centre, 25% of baby boomers between the ages of 47-56 download apps, whereas 56% of millennials do so. We have identified that baby boomers who use Beekeeper are heavily active on the platform because they don’t have as many other social media channels as their younger co-workers might have.
Baby boomers represent a considerable 29% of the US workforce, so it is important for organisations to include them in their communication strategy. So, because of this and for the reasons mentioned above, it makes sense to be prepared for the upcoming “grey quake” by having an innovative and friendly tool that helps baby boomers feel engaged and communicate easily at their jobs. Have a question about Beekeeper? Ask Pablo here, and he might answer in a future post!

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