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Recruitment in Hotels: Attract Top Hospitality Talent in Today’s Gig Economy

Recruitment in Hotels: Attract Top Hospitality Talent in Today’s Gig Economy

When it comes to the economy, travel and tourism seem insulated from the hardships other sectors face. The industry grew 3.9% in 2018, pumping $8.8 trillion into local economies worldwide, with no signs of slowing down.

While the tourism industry is experiencing record growth, the hospitality industry is facing a serious crisis in the form of labor shortage. With a 74% turnover rate, retention and recruitment in hotels is struggling in the face of the new gig economy that’s reshaping the employment landscape for hourly workers.

Hotels must adapt to the shifting demands of today’s workforce in order to find hospitality help that stays. The rise of the gig economy, which gives workers more control over their work schedule, has lured prospective talent away from other industries.

There’s a simple solution to reverse this trend. By adopting the right workplace technology, hotels can gain the competitive edge they need to hire and retain hotel employees. A mobile employee app can create that flexibility and autonomous employee experience that modern day workers are looking for.

Here’s how a team communication app can help you hire hotel employees to keep pace with the growing demands of the hospitality industry.

Unleash the Potential of a Team App to Boost Your Hotel Brand

With over a million hospitality job openings in North America alone, successful recruitment in hotels is at an all-time low. Competition for employees within the industry itself is fierce.

Then there’s the gig economy.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 55 million people, or 36% of the workforce, earns at least part of their income from these flexible, independent jobs.

Needless to say, it’s a tough market to attract and hire hotel employees.

As a hotel manager, your ultimate goal in people operations is to create an engaged workforce by building a brand that people love to work for, and prospective employees want to work for. Including frontline employees, who are often on the fringe of internal communication and the most likely to leave for another job, is key in achieving a high retention rate.

Beekeeper, the team communication app for mobile, frontline workers, is an employee portal that offers the flexible yet engaging experience workers want in a job these days. An app like Beekeeper can reinvent your employer brand by giving your workforce:

Beekeeper’s Shift Schedules feature creates a more autonomous workforce and more flexibility by giving employees improved access to their work schedule and allowing them to enjoy a better work/life balance.

Beekeeper Shift Schedules

This creates a culture of inclusion, a big ticket item when it comes to employee engagement and loyalty. Employees can connect with their peers and management to give direct feedback and insight through pulse surveys and direct messaging.

An employee feedback survey with multiple choice answers on a mobile device.

Create a Digitally Connected Workforce to Increase Recruitment in Hotels

While the gig economy’s initial attraction is a flexible work schedule, these workers almost always work alone. While people want flexibility, they also want community. From your concierge staff to your housekeepers, include every employee in the digital workplace through a mobile app. This creates a valuable connection to other people that the gig economy can’t offer.

Using an employee app to build relationships between workers, managers, and the company will create employee loyalty, and engage employees on a deeper level. Workers who are socially connected feel a deeper sense of purpose, are more committed, and, as a result, become forces of innovation. Creating an environment like this is a top selling point when searching for new talent.

Discover Why Hotel Employees Love the Beekeeper Mobile App!

Leverage Technology to Boost Recruitment in Hotels

With a millennial-heavy workforce, technology needs to be front and center in this competitive employment market. Leverage your team app as a recruitment tool. For instance, when Switzerland’s luxury Bürgenstock Hotels recruits for open positions, they mention Beekeeper’s employee app in their postings to attract top candidates. It’s a major part of the work experience people want in a job now.

While technology drives the gig economy (think mobile apps that connect consumer and service provider), it also creates an impersonal work environment. A team app, is just the opposite: it serves as an inclusive tool to create a more personal experience for employees while also creating a flexible workplace. It’s a strong selling point, so amplify the benefits of your in-house, technology when recruiting hospitality employees.

Crowdsource for New Talent with a Team App

When determining how to find hospitality help, remember that one of your best recruitment tools is your current workforce. Put the word out over your employee app that you’re looking to expand your team. Build your employer brand so employees will be more than happy to recommend the hotel to people they know. And it never hurts to offer a bonus for every successful recruit an employee brings your way.

With the rise of the gig economy, the nature of frontline work is rapidly changing. Adopt a team communication app to gain a competitive edge in attracting top hospitality talent.

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