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Seaboard Foods Wins PRISM Award for Employee Communication App

Seaboard Foods Wins PRISM Award for Employee Communication App
Alexandra Zamolo
Alexandra Zamolo, Head of Content Marketing
3 min read

Seaboard Foods was recently awarded two PRISM Awards from the Public Relations Society of America of Greater Kansas City for their employee communication app. They won the “Smartphone Apps” and “Infographic” categories showing the lifecycle of pork production.

Seaboard Foods is one of America’s top ten pork producers and processors and a Beekeeper customer. Their 5,000+ employees are spread over six states, including more than 500 pig farms, a pork processing plant, two biodiesel plants, feed mills, and a full logistics infrastructure consisting of 170 heavy-duty trucks and 400 light-duty vehicles.

At Beekeeper, we focus on connecting people through technology with our intranet app and the success of our customers mean everything. We are very proud of how our clients use the Beekeeper internal comms and employee engagement app to increase worker productivity make everyone feel like an equal part of their organizations. So, we are always thrilled when they are recognized for their hard work and accomplishments for creating a better workplace!

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About SBF Connect

With more than 5,000 employees dispersed in hundreds of locations, Seaboard Foods’ human resources and communications departments sought a way to communicate with employees and share information throughout the connected food system.

SBF Connect, powered by Beekeeper, received accolades for the way it assists in two-way communication between employees, managers, corporate communications, and executive leadership. It also received recognition for the way the mobile app helps employees feel connected to what they do, fostering a more productive and informed workforce.

“Employee engagement numbers made this a strong entry,” says one of the 2017 PRISM Awards judges. “Great write-up and analysis of the campaign, really enjoyed reading it.”

With SBF Connect, employees get notifications, can easily access information, and ask questions on their smartphone, anywhere at any time. Since the app’s implementation, employees have shared and learned about business and HR information, safety tips, weather updates, and use it for employee recognition.

“Content is great on SBF Connect. I love reading it and knowing what else is going on in the company,” said one employee in a recent communications survey requesting feedback to improve SBF Connect.

Huge congratulations to the entire Seaboard Foods staff for winning these awards! The organization’s commitment to building such a strong, transparent workplace and listening to employees’ and customers’ needs is truly inspirational.

To learn more about how Beekeeper transformed Seaboard Foods’ employee communication, download the case study.