“Imagine yourself working in a hotel” – the things we’ve discussed with Angela Merkel at CeBIT

CeBIT is the largest IT conference in the world,  held yearly in Hanover, Germany. It’s main focus is innovation and digital technologies. It is quite a broad topic, but after exploring the event for a while we realized that there’s some bias towards enterprises and to be specific: industrial sector and manufacturing – the key areas for the German economy.

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How to Integrate Different Company Cultures Post-Merger

According to one of the world’s largest accounting advisories, KPMG, people and organizational issues is the biggest reason why mergers or acquisitions fail. And in a recent Bain survey, the top reason cited for failure during this phase was culture problems. So how can your company avoid the clash?
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3 Key Communication Challenges for Logistics Companies

Globalization has made speed, efficiency, and flexibility necessities for logistics companies looking to stay profitable and prosper in the 21st century. A common denominator in all those characteristics is quality communication, which is becoming increasingly difficult as logistics has become more complex.

Here are three key communication challenges logistics companies are facing in the globalized economy. By tackling them head on, logistics companies can speed past the issues that are slowing their competitors down.

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Dr. Cristian Grossmann, CEO at Beekeeper, presenting at the Zukunft Personal HR Expo

Zukunft Personal, largest HR Expo in Europe, took place in Cologne, Germany from 15th to 17th September. Our CEO hosted a presentation there where he highlighted the key trends in communication with the field workers and explained it in a little bit more detail what is so special about the Beekeeper tool.

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How to Calm the Chaos in a Hotel During a Busy Season

If your hotel is located in a warm weather hotspot like Cancun, or a ski bum’s paradise in the Swiss Alps, you know how crazy hotel peak seasons can get.

Many hotels make or break their entire year in one hectic quarter, so management and staff alike are under heavy pressure to deliver the same service guests receive during quieter periods. Here are a few ways you can keep your hotel’s head on straight and provide amazing hospitality for your guests.

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Niederschwellig Silos einreissen – Artikel über Beekeeper in HR Today CH

Als Flirting-App konzipiert, haben heute globale Hotelketten wie der Fairmont-Raffle-Swissôtel-Komplex das Mobile-basierte Tool im Einsatz. Das Konzept des Zürcher Start-ups Beekeeper hat auch Holcim Central Europa überzeugt, die es heute in einer Pilotphase zur Ergänzung der Merger-Kommunikation mit La Farge einsetzt. Als partizipatives «Feelgood-Tool» verbindet es auf niederschwellige Weise die Mitarbeitenden.

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Verbesserung der internen Kommunikation

How to Improve Communication with Your Field Workers

There is plenty of talk about improving corporate communications, but too often field workers are ignored or get the short end of the stick. Whether it’s the retail, hospitality, or transportation industries, it is essential to have effective communication with your field workers to keep morale up, reduce training costs, and decrease employee turnover. In this post we’ll show you how you can make sure you’re field employees never feel out of the loop.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Employees' Communication Right Now

3 Ways to Improve Your Internal Communication Right Now

For companies looking to gain an edge any way possible, improving employees communication is an underrated place to start. In fact, creating effective communication practices can make companies 4.5 times more likely1 to have engaged employees and 20 percent more like to reduce employee turnover.

Here are three ways you can improve internal communication in your company right now:

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Internal communication is a key driver for employee engagement, which in turn leads to exceptional results, like increased productivity and better financial performance.

What would you do with 17 extra hours per week?

When the right people communicate with each other, great things happen. This is especially true within a company. Internal communication is a key driver for employee engagement, which in turn leads to exceptional results, like increased productivity and better financial performance1.

Did you know that a business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours per week clarifying communications2? So why do many companies struggle with getting internal communications right?

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