Why workstream collaboration is the best thing you haven’t heard of yet

There is a lot of terminology floating around when it comes to workplace productivity apps. We won’t inundate you with all of them, but we do want to give you the inside scoop on an emerging work style you’ll be hearing more of: workstream collaboration.
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How Will Brexit Impact GDPR Compliance in the UK

The EU is taking personal data security to new levels with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to go into effect on May 25th, 2018. This leaves global businesses approximately ten months to set their data privacy and security policies in line with the strict GDPR compliance, or face crippling fines of up to 4% of annual global revenue or $20 million Euros (17,882,635.20 British Pounds), whichever figure is greater.
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Seaboard Foods Wins the Golden ARC Award for Internal Communications App

We’re excited to announce that one of our customers, Seaboard Foods, recently won a first-place Golden ARC Award for their internal communications app, SBF Connect! The app allows all Seaboard Foods employees, with an emphasis on hourly and non-desktop employees, to communicate information, create awareness about corporate values, and maintain a close-knit culture. A year after launching SBF Connect, there was a 7% increase (83%) in employee satisfaction levels regarding internal communications.
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How to Create a Successful Digital Workplace

There is a lot of talk about the “digital workplace,” which is the virtual equivalent to the physical workplace and encompasses all the technologies companies use to accomplish their goals. The digital workplace is an employee portal which includes operational systems like payroll, to core business applications like email and virtual meeting software.
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5 Forces of Change and How Hospitality Companies Can Adapt

At the Intelligent Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) in Paris, five technology shifts were addressed during the keynote “Hotel 2025: Insights into Technologies that will Reshape the Hotel Industry” with Jay Upchurch, VP of Strategy and Solutions Management, Oracle Hospitality. Upchurch referred to these shifts as “forces of change” and spelled out how they’re affecting the hospitality industry globally.
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5 Signs Your Workplace Isn’t Inclusive Enough

An inclusive workplace is a huge challenge in our global economy. Companies still struggle with having a diverse and respectful workforce, but the effort involved is well worth it. Inclusivity doesn’t only increase employee engagement – it also helps the bottom line. So how do you know if your organization is lacking in the inclusivity department? Here are 5 signs:
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3 Questions You Should Ask in Every Performance Review

Employees and managers alike say they dread performance reviews, but they also recognize they’re an important part of a healthy organization. Performance reviews give employees a chance to speak up about their experience in the organization, receive feedback from their supervisors, and set expectations on both sides of the table. Unfortunately, many performance reviews aren’t conducted well, which is likely why many studies show performance reviews aren’t useful.
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How To Be the ‘It’ Place To Work in Retail

Landing on the annual lists of best workplaces is the holy grail for retailers. As we discussed in a previous post, employee turnover is a constant battle and earning the status of a destination workplace helps attract the best talent.
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Sir Ken Robinson at HR Tech World London: HR’s mission is to drive creativity!

A couple of days ago at HR Tech World London, Sir Ken Robinson held an inspirational opening keynote on the importance of innovation within organizations and how creativity is the driving force behind them all.
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Why HR Should Embrace Storytelling

It’s no secret that brand storytelling is a vital part of marketing in the hospitality industry. Some hotels, like the NoMad Hotel in New York, have taken storytelling to the next level by carefully crafting a story and implementing it across all parts of the hotel. The NoMad Hotel is “a transporting fantasy that takes you 100 years back and across the planet”, according to the hotel’s designer, principal, and VP of design for Stonehill & Taylor.
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