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4 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Inline Translation Technology

Inline translation technology opens the door to a new level of connectedness with your entire staff, making our world smaller (in a good way). Language has always been the toughest barrier in globalization, but we’ve made great strides in breaking it down with tools like Google Translate, Facebook’s own translation system, and countless others that can be tailored to fit specific needs.
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How to Transform Workforce Management With Mobile Communication

For many companies, workforce management is perceived largely as a logistics operation. While it’s an essential function of any successful organization, the execution often lacks a human touch.
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4 Ways to Grow Your Manufacturing Company

Growing a manufacturing business is a challenging, yet rewarding process. It involves making critical decisions surrounding fixed vs. human capital, diversifying offerings, operational efficiencies, and keeping apace with the industry. The obstacles may seem daunting, but there are some growth hacks that may be easier to implement than you think.
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The 3 Best Ways to Overcome Hierarchical Boundaries

As companies expand across different departments, buildings, and even continents, it seems increasingly more challenging to overcome hierarchical boundaries. Members of upper management don’t usually have extra time to interact with colleagues, especially if they don’t run into them at the office.
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Riding the Wave of Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Companies with frontline employees that are traditionally considered “offline” businesses are undergoing a digital transformation much like their online counterparts. At Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, this digital communication and culture shift was heavily discussed. The conversation centered around how organizations can stay ahead of the digital curve and continue to attract tech-savvy employees.
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Why Losing Control is Necessary to Drive Cultural Change

Establishing an innovative, inclusive, and engaging corporate culture is a hot topic these days. And for good reason since culture is directly linked to employee retention. In order to establish a profound culture, you have to bend the rules a bit and step outside your comfort zone. That’s where real change happens.
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Two Beekeeper Clients Named as Finalists for the 2017 Employee Engagement Awards

Here at Beekeeper, we are dedicated to connecting and empowering workforces through efficient internal communication and active employee engagement. Helping people love their jobs is what makes us excited to come to work every day.
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How to Drive Loyalty Through Guest Satisfaction

On April 27th we hosted The Connected Breakfast Session where experts in the hospitality industry discussed how to deliver the ultimate guest experience and drive loyalty. Many insights were shared about how to revitalize the industry through employee engagement tools. The key takeaway was that the secret to guest loyalty lies in the competency and attitude of your staff. Happy staff translates to happy guests and keeps them coming back year after year.
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How to Attract Top Retail Talent

At the HR Retail event in San Diego, HR innovators from buzzworthy brands examined industry trends and challenges. The discussions were primarily centered around retail talent and how attracting the best team is affected by HR’s efforts in employee engagement. Sara Patterson, Chief People Officer at Bonobos, put it perfectly when she said, “HR is a marketing department, and your customers are your people.”
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How to Stay Ahead of the Hospitality Industry

At the HR in Hospitality Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, industry leaders discussed where the industry is going and the power of foresight. Many topics were addressed, but the key takeaway was to resist complacency and utilize technology to “wow” your guests.
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