5 Signs Your Workplace Isn’t Inclusive Enough

An inclusive workplace is a huge challenge in our global economy. Companies still struggle with having a diverse and respectful workforce, but the effort involved is well worth it. Inclusivity doesn’t only increase employee engagement – it also helps the bottom line. So how do you know if your organization is lacking in the inclusivity department? Here are 5 signs:
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3 Questions You Should Ask in Every Performance Review

Employees and managers alike say they dread performance reviews, but they also recognize they’re an important part of a healthy organization. Performance reviews give employees a chance to speak up about their experience in the organization, receive feedback from their supervisors, and set expectations on both sides of the table. Unfortunately, many performance reviews aren’t conducted well, which is likely why many studies show performance reviews aren’t useful.
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Sir Ken Robinson at HR Tech World London: HR’s mission is to drive creativity!

A couple of days ago at HR Tech World London, Sir Ken Robinson held an inspirational opening keynote on the importance of innovation within organizations and how creativity is the driving force behind them all.
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Why HR Should Embrace Storytelling

It’s no secret that brand storytelling is a vital part of marketing in the hospitality industry. Some hotels, like the NoMad Hotel in New York, have taken storytelling to the next level by carefully crafting a story and implementing it across all parts of the hotel. The NoMad Hotel is “a transporting fantasy that takes you 100 years back and across the planet”, according to the hotel’s designer, principal, and VP of design for Stonehill & Taylor.
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How to Reduce Retail Turnover with Better Internal Communication

Every company deals with employee turnover, but the retail industry tends to have some of the highest reported rates among all employers. The most successful retailer in America, Wal-Mart, even faces a steep employee turnover rate – which, according to Bloomberg, could be as high as 60% annually. When you consider it costs about $3,400 to replace a retail associate, you begin to understand why turnover is such a problem.
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How to Instill a Sense of Purpose in Your Retail Employees

Retailers keen on hiring the best and brightest should start emphasizing their company mission more in interviews. A study by Deloitte recently found that 60 percent of millennials chose their current job because the company had a “sense of purpose”. Your employees increasingly want to believe their job matters, and they are looking to you for proof.
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Beekeeper Raises $8 Million to Connect and Engage Two Billion Workers Without Desk Jobs

We are excited to announce that Beekeeper has secured $8 million in Series A financing. The funding is great news for our existing clients and companies looking for employee communication solutions. We take great pride in helping companies foster corporate cultures where everyone thrives, including the 2 billion non-desk workers. This new round of funds will allow us to continue to push the boundaries of employee engagement and internal communications.
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3 Reasons Your Construction Company Needs a Mobile Communication Tool

Communication within construction companies can be difficult to manage due to the very nature of their work. Employees rarely visit the company’s headquarters; instead, they spend the majority of their time on-location at construction sites. Each site has a small office for management, but it’s impossible to communicate with all employees at once. Or it used to be, anyway.
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5 Telecom Trends That Will Inspire Internal Communications

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, five trends came alive during the keynote “The Digital Economy” with John Stankey, CEO of AT&T Entertainment Group and AT&T Services.
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How to Protect Company Info When An Employee Leaves

The unfortunate reality for any company is employees will leave. Employee turnover is costly both to the bottom line and your staff’s time. Not only that, goodbyes can be awkward, so many employers neglect to cover all their bases for employees that have been fired or are resigning.
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