How to Attract Top Retail Talent

At the HR Retail event in San Diego, HR innovators from buzzworthy brands examined industry trends and challenges. The discussions were primarily centered around retail talent and how attracting the best team is affected by HR’s efforts in employee engagement. Sara Patterson, Chief People Officer at Bonobos, put it perfectly when she said, “HR is a marketing department, and your customers are your people.”
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Sir Ken Robinson at HR Tech World London: HR’s mission is to drive creativity!

A couple of days ago at HR Tech World London, Sir Ken Robinson held an inspirational opening keynote on the importance of innovation within organizations and how creativity is the driving force behind them all.
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Beekeeper shares What Context is Necessary for the Future of HR with HR Market Watch Podcast

HR Market Watch and #HRWins has discovered the key objective for successful HR Tech implementation in 2017 and it’s prioritizing support of managers and supervisors with new HR Technology! Beekeeper is doing exactly this and our VP of North America, Michael Berman joined George LaRocque to discuss this and much more.

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Beekeeper named to Top 500 HCM Market Report

Let the ball drop on 2016 as Beekeeper rings in the new year by being named to the Top 500 HCM Software Vendors in the world from Apps That Run The World HCM Top 500 Market Report.

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Accel Eurospace Beekeeper Top SaaS

Beekeeper was named to the Top 100 SaaS Companies in Europe and Israel

The SaaS Wars are a foot and the competition is intense! But Beekeeper was just named to the Top 100 SaaS Companies in Europe on the “Accel EuroScape”- a list of top 100 most promising SaaS companies in Europe and Israel!

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HR Tech 2.0

HR 2.0 is the poster child for the next wave of SaaS innovation

The next great push in developing engaged employees, motivated leaders, and super-powered cultures comes from HR 2.0. What is HR 2.0 you ask? It’s an ability for an organization to attract, hire, and maximize talent both inside and outside their company.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Temporary Workers Engaged

Temporary workers are a growing segment of the labor force with the Bureau of Labor Statistics finding that the number of temp workers has risen to 2.87 million, representing 2 percent of the US workforce. When your company hires seasonally or during peak times, it can be difficult to onboard temporary workers and keep them on brand and engaged. Retaining temporary employees’ engagement will make them happier, and having happier employees will give you a better talent pool to choose from for future employment. Here are three tips to help keep your temporary workers engaged.
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3 Key Internal Communication Challenges NGOs Experience

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are growing in popularity every year. In the United States alone there are more than 1.5 million registered NGOs. Many of those NGOs have staff all over the world, including third world countries, so it’s no wonder most of them struggle with internal communication. There are many things to keep in mind while running an NGO, and internal communication is crucial one that’s often overlooked.
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3 Reasons Why Onboarding In the Service Industry Should Go Digital

Getting new hires acquainted with your company can be a slow, unproductive process. There is tons of unnecessary paperwork, and other employees get roped into trying to fit a new employee into workday. A great solution to the unwieldy onboarding process is going digital.
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“Smartphones win, content digitalization and mobile happiness” – Strategic Internal Communications Conference in San Francisco

We were super excited to attend our first Strategic Internal Communications Conference in San Francisco. Here are some key highlights:

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