Beekeeper is a Swiss company which celebrates innovation – just like Ricola

Nathalie Maerki is responsible for talent acquisition and driving strategic HR projects at Ricola AG, one of the most modern and innovative manufacturers of herb drops in the world. Nathalie graduated from Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz with a degree in work and organizational psychology together with personnel psychology. Before she started her career at Ricola AG, she worked at the Swiss IT startup, Siroop, supporting the set-up and structuring of the HR team.
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How to Attract Top Retail Talent

At the HR Retail event in San Diego, HR innovators from buzzworthy brands examined industry trends and challenges. The discussions were primarily centered around retail talent and how attracting the best team is affected by HR’s efforts in employee engagement. Sara Patterson, Chief People Officer at Bonobos, put it perfectly when she said, “HR is a marketing department, and your customers are your people.”
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5 Forces of Change and How Hospitality Companies Can Adapt

At the Intelligent Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) in Paris, five technology shifts were addressed during the keynote “Hotel 2025: Insights into Technologies that will Reshape the Hotel Industry” with Jay Upchurch, VP of Strategy and Solutions Management, Oracle Hospitality. Upchurch referred to these shifts as “forces of change” and spelled out how they’re affecting the hospitality industry globally.
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3 Ways to Improve Retail Employee Performance

Conventional wisdom among many brick and mortar retailers is that labor is a cost of doing business. But conversely, some of the most forward-thinking companies in retail see their employees as an investment— assets that drive sales revenue.
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How To Be the ‘It’ Place To Work in Retail

Landing on the annual lists of best workplaces is the holy grail for retailers. As we discussed in a previous post, employee turnover is a constant battle and earning the status of a destination workplace helps attract the best talent.
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“Well-informed Employees are Essential” – Globus Switzerland, Beekeeper Customer

Globus, one of the largest retail companies in Switzerland with over 3,000 employees across 13 locations has been using the power of Beekeeper to connect and engage their massive workforce.

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5 Must Haves To Tackle Collaboration Issues And Achieve A Lasting Change

Today, modern companies face issues that a few years ago were not part of the daily agenda. Behaviors and attitudes about work, and with work, are changing. Companies are now recognizing that things that once worked don’t seem to work any longer. Acknowledging that new issues like poor employee engagement and failing to align internally siloed teams is fundamental to initiate a change in the company’s strategic plan.
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3 Ways To Reach Employees That Don’t Have Email Access

Most people would be surprised to know that more than half of jobs in the US come without work email accounts. In today’s always-on digital work environment we forget that there are about 12 million manufacturing jobs that have a workforce that is either mobile or works out of a plant, and there are 75 million Americans who work at a cash register, kitchen, factory, or job site.
With digital communication and employee engagement becoming essential priorities for top-performing organizations it becomes easy to overlook these email-less employees. However, given the ruthless competition and speed at which businesses operate in the 21st century employees without email access have to be kept in the loop. Here are three great ways to communicate with your employees who aren’t tethered to their inbox:
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Verbesserung der internen Kommunikation

How to Improve Communication with Your Field Workers

There is plenty of talk about improving corporate communications, but too often field workers are ignored or get the short end of the stick. Whether it’s the retail, hospitality, or transportation industries, it is essential to have effective communication with your field workers to keep morale up, reduce training costs, and decrease employee turnover. In this post we’ll show you how you can make sure you’re field employees never feel out of the loop.

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Effektive interne Kommunikation

5 Ways to Close the Communication Gap in Retail

Maintaining a clear line of communication in the retail industry is tremendously difficult, with the company message commonly being lost between management and sales staff on the floor.

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