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The 3 Best Ways to Overcome Hierarchical Boundaries

The 3 Best Ways to Overcome Hierarchical Boundaries
Cristian Grossmann
Cristian Grossmann, CEO and Co-Founder, Beekeeper
3 min read
As companies expand across different departments, buildings, and even continents, it seems increasingly more challenging to overcome hierarchical boundaries. Members of upper management don’t usually have extra time to interact with colleagues, especially if they don’t run into them at the office. Correspondence between top management and non-desk workers is minimal, but it doesn’t have to be that way with the digital workplace. We’ve identified three ways to help foster a connection between executives and their staff.

1. Open communication channels

Management, especially executive management, often seems inaccessible—like the great and powerful Oz behind his big green curtain. Although globalization makes connecting with executives appear impossible, enterprise messaging and other internal communication platforms have opened the doors to open dialogue between office workers, frontline employees, and management alike. Bridging the gap between these types of workers can be surprisingly simple with an effective tool and internal communication strategy in place.

2. Encourage engagement and lead by example

Leadership comes with many responsibilities and paving the way to engagement is an important one that’s often overlooked. Management may not have the bandwidth to spearhead digital workplace communications, but it should be the biggest advocate by not only encouraging participation but leading by example. Many CEOs recognize the value of an engaged workforce, like Mike Cagney, CEO of SoFi, whose goal for 2017 is to be present and connect with employees more. The simple act of posting a comment, liking someone else’s, or sending an employee survey enables visibility and makes the entire organization feel like one team.

3. Recognize employees and celebrate achievements

People leave managers not companies. One of the biggest complaints in the workplace is that employees aren’t recognized for their hard work or accomplishments by their managers. 20% don’t even receive a “thank you” from their employer. Gratitude and recognition will go a long way in boosting morale, inspiring motivation, and improving retention. With digital workplace tools, you’ll have a vehicle to celebrate success stories and show appreciation. This is a great way to make time for your team, especially if face-to-face interaction isn’t feasible.

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