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‘Tell Me Lies’ — The Song One-Third Of Employees Now Hear- “Employee Survey”

Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer, Marketing Manager, North America
1 min read
Are you measuring your companies culture and engagement annually with a survey? Do you feel like you are getting a whole picture? If so, I'd take a second look at it. This article written by Rodd Wagner as a Forbes Contributor gives an insightful and researched look into the annual employee engagement survey that many companies are still using today. The fact is that around 1 in 5 employees doesn't even participate in the annual survey. From the start, you are already only getting 80% of your employee's opinions. In fact, most employees are just telling the company what they want to hear because they are afraid of having an open and engaging conversation about the betterment of the company. We at Beekeeper take extreme pride in fostering and delivering this ability to communicate and participate, even in companies that aren't connected through desktop computers or email. Source: