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How Digital Workplaces Transform Team Collaboration
How Digital Workplaces Transform Team Collaboration
Cristian Grossmann
Cristian Grossmann, CEO and Co-Founder, Beekeeper
3 min read
Email is still the most common form of communication in the corporate environment, which doesn’t bode well for the 80% of the workforce comprised of non-desk employees, who are often left out of important conversations and unaware of critical information. Collaboration is key for business success, yet it's nearly impossible with a non-desk workforce. Management executives, particularly in hospitality, manufacturing, and retail industries, are seeking intuitive mobile solutions to keep their non-desk employees engaged, in the loop, and equipped with tools for optimal performance.

Workstream collaboration

To optimize non-desk workers’ productivity, employers have turned to workstream collaboration tools that offer real-time communication and operate as a digital workplace to include these worker segments. These platforms function as an employee portal to make information accessible to separate departments, specified groups, or your entire team. Workstream collaboration enables employees to connect, especially across distributed workforces, to work efficiently on both a day-to-day basis and project-based level. You can locate the right person to get the job done in the right way at the right time. Designed to significantly reduce or replace email, the goal of workstream collaboration apps is simple: to create a centralized digital workplace where every employee can easily share information and files, engage in real-time contextual discussions, and easily contact the right people for the job. Core capabilities include frequent messaging, notifications, video uploads, optimized search, archiving, communication streams, and content sharing. Ideally these platforms will replace email in the upcoming years since they have more robust communication capabilities. They even have a social element to boost employee engagement and morale to reduce turnover. But what about all the other operational systems companies use on a daily basis? Communication is not the only important facet of a business. Operational systems like HRIS, payroll, shift management, time recording, etc. are all crucial components that keep businesses running. In the current market, there aren’t effective solutions for integrating existing systems with one another so non-desk employees can have access to every platform they need in a single point of entry.

Amplify productivity

Workstream collaboration platforms bring the digital workplace to non-desk employees by partnering with other operational systems to provide seamless integrations so you have all your tools in one place. Apps and integrations can be added to fit your organization’s unique needs and connect to the systems your team is already comfortable using. Giving your non-desk employees the ability to connect across locations and departments in real time will do wonders for your company’s productivity and bottom line. You’ll be able to ensure secure, automated, and relevant information is readily distributed, searchable, and measurable in one central employee portal for an efficient digitized workflow.

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