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Why Mobile Communication Is Important for Your Company’s Operations
Why Mobile Communication Is Important for Your Company’s Operations
Mobile communication is an increasingly important part of every business. In the United States, over 71% of the population owns a smartphone. Instead of fighting the overwhelming presence of smartphones, businesses should lean into the trend by embracing mobile communication. It’s important to your company’s operations for several reasons:

Improved Communication

The most obvious feature of mobile communication is that communication is improved overall. Instead of being out of the loop, operations employees and the mobile workforce can stay in constant communication thanks to wireless networks and mobile platforms. Analog forms of communication like bulletin boards and snail mail can finally become relics of the past. And improved communication is crucial. One study suggests that companies lose approximately $26,000 per employee per year due to productivity losses resulting from communications barriers.

Improved Efficiency

Mobile communication can improve efficiency in a myriad of ways, but it is especially helpful to mobile workers who spend their time on the floor or a job site. Being able to use mobile communication can increase operations efficiency by cutting down the need for face-to-face meetings. And an added bonus: increased opportunities for management to communicate with staff.

Improved Organization

Mobile communication can be used to improve organization by offering file sharing on the go, document collaboration, and many different apps and software that allow employees to access company info anytime. There are also many additional options, like platforms to track customers and sales or organize tasks and who they are assigned to.

Improved Employee Engagement

The right mobile communication solution can increase employee engagement. In a Holmes Report article, “Best Buy found that higher employee engagement scores led to better store performance. The company found that for every percentage point it boosted employee engagement, individual stores saw a $100,000 increase in operating income annually.” That’s $100,000 per store! Clearly the ROI of a good mobile communication system is high.

Improved Productivity

There are several ways mobile communication can increase productivity, including many of the reasons listed above. An additional benefit of mobile communication is the improved productivity with mobile workers who don’t work in a cubicle. With mobile communication, managers can capture the wisdom of their operations staff and apply it to an entire division or department. The employees in the action are most intimate with the challenges their company faces. An enterprise messaging app allows management to capture this valuable intelligence. While there are clearly many benefits to mobile communication, it’s important to keep in mind that there is always a security risk when using it. That’s why it is so crucial to choose legitimate and qualified platforms and systems. The right mobile communication will only help your business by allowing your company to take advantage of all the benefits, while minimizing security risks.
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